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Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets

  • Product Code: ZF1B2
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-quality z fold blue hand towels made in Ireland

-1 ply , 40 gsm per ply, 100% recycled paper

-3000 sheets per box, size : 230 mm x 230 mm

-suitable for schools and general public buildings

-very reasonable prices & very good quality

Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets Review

Washing hands after visiting the lavatory is important, and drying of the hands afterwards is equally just as important. It takes a couple of seconds, but it`s vital to prevent contamination. Damp hands will pick up dirt and grime faster, and can spread 1,000 times more bacteria compared to dry hands. Hence, hand towels are key to providing a safe environment for everyone, from the restrooms in office buildings, cinemas, clubs, restaurants and hotels, to schools, hospitals and public washrooms. For this, you want a product that is effective and economical, and you can get that with the Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets.

Benefits Of The Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets

1. Luxury towels
Drying hands doesn`t mean that you want to scrape your skin. With the premium Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets, it's a relaxing experience, drying the hands while pampering the skin. The 1 / 40 gsm (grams per square meter) ply makes them strong towels, and they are also absorbent, enabling each piece to be effective in soaking up the moisture from the hands.

2. Easy on the eyes
These blue towels add a warm, finishing touch to the bathroom. A subtle colour, the Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 will work with any style or setting.

3. Safe for Mother Nature
The Z Fold Blue Hand Towels are an environmentally friendly choice. They are made from 100% recycled paper. This has the welcome benefit of reducing your carbon footprint as you go about selecting supplies for your establishment's washrooms. With each box having 3000 sheets, it`s also an economical product.

4. Z-Fold nature
This kind of folding is by design. Say a person goes to dry their hands, and they pull out a towel that is not opened up. Usually, instead of unfolding it, they simply grab another towel to complete the drying. This leads to wastage. However, with the Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets, they come out when they are already opened up. That way, each single towel gets to serve its purpose, reducing the amount of towels used by each person, resulting in savings. What`s more, the Z-fold means that one towel gets pulled from the dispenser at a time, thus leading to more savings. This also has advantages when it comes to safety. With multiple towels coming out at a time, they would fall onto the wet floor, and become mushy and slippery- creating a hazard. You don't want slip and fall accidents occurring in your washrooms. Such situations are avoided when only one of the Z Fold Blue Hand Towels is pulled out at each instance.

5. Hygienic choice
With the Z Fold Blue Hand Towels Sheets, the individual only touches the specific towel that they use. This increases the sanitation levels of the establishment, by preventing cross-contamination. That way, you won`t have infections spreading through the workforce in your establishment, or affecting the customers who have accessed your business premises.

Z Fold Blue Hand Towels 1 PLY x 3000 Sheets

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