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Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC

  • Product Code: ZFPC2
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Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC

-230 mm x 230 mm, 2 ply, 40 gsm, pure cellulose

-available in boxes of 3000 sheets per box or pallets

-suitable for offices, restaurants, hotels, public buildings

-one of the most popular z fold hand towel, great price

-next day delivery guaranteed anywhere in Ireland

A Review Of The Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC

The pure cellulose Z Fold Hand Towel soaks up moisture from the skin, leaving it dry after a visit to the washrooms. Right after washing up, a person doesn`t want to walk around with wet hands that would have otherwise gone picking up more loads of grime from the surfaces that would be touched, and be uncomfortable when handling their items too. The absorbent nature of the Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC enables the persons using it to get their hands dry so as to proceed with the rest of their activities unhindered. Other benefits of this product include:

A 2-ply towel, this product comes with more strength and durability. This enables the towel to be used effectively without tearing in the person hands, which would be very inconveniencing. It also means that each Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC can serve its purpose without one having to pull out another towel and fold them together to prop up the strength.

Being a Z-fold towel, this means that it comes with an extra fold in the middle which creates the 'Z' shape. This has two main advantages. For starters, the towels come out one at a time. This reduces the wastage that would have occurred by excess towels being pulled out of the dispenser. It`s more than just about the savings. Safety also factors in. When you have a situation where multiple towels are coming out at once, they fall onto the floor. In case the floor is wet, the towels become slippery and mushy, creating the risk of accidents. The Z fold design prevents that from happening. Secondly, the Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC comes out already opened up, making it easier to use. Usually, instead of people bothering to open up a towel to dry their hands, they tend to simply grab another towel, leading to unnecessary wastage. On the other hand, with the towel coming out already open, it reduces the number of towels that are being used, and each batch gets to serve more people, thus increasing your savings.

Convenient usage
The dispenser doesn`t need to run out of the Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC, and cause panic in the washrooms. As it nears depletion, the dispenser can be topped up with the towels while it is still in use. This ensures that your washrooms are always stocked with the product. Each box comes with 15 clips of 200 sheets. You can also get a pallet containing 54 boxes, ensuring that your establishment is well supplied with the towels.

The Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC enables you to make savings in different ways. For starters, it has a budget-friendly price tag, cutting down on costs right from the onset. Add to this aspects like reduced wastage as a result of the Z-fold, all through to the strength and absorbency of each individual towel that results in an individual being comfortable with using one at a time, and each batch that is purchased gets to serve high levels of traffic in the washrooms before running out. This enables you to accrue savings in the long run, giving you more bang for your buck.

Z Fold Hand Towel 2 PLY PC

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