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PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizing wipes from PAL TX

  • Suitable for cleaning, disinfecting & sanitizing hands

  • Available in a tube of 150 large alcohol based wipes

  • The ideal hand wipe for commercial & industrial use

  • It will kill a wide range of harmful bacteria & viruses

  • Low cost, highly effective, low odour & very handy

  • Perfect for areas where there is no running water

  • These wipes are very popular with truckers & taxis

  • A quick and effective way of sanitizing your hands

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes | Why use 

A fine quality hand disinfecting wipe suitable for professional use. Many professionals are allergic to hand sanitizers and hand gels. For those people we can recommend the new PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes. A semi wet wipe that will clean and disinfect the hand in one easy go and it will leave the hand spotless and disinfected. The new PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes is highly popular with truckers and taxi drivers. A quick and effective way of disinfecting your hands and preventing cross contamination.

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes - Where to use

While washing your hands with running water and soap is the best way of cleaning them and keeping them bacteria free, that is not always possible. So for those who have no access to running water, there is another way of cleaning and disinfecting their hands. The new PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes is a new range of wet wipes that will neutralize a wide range of bacteria and viruses. The wipes contain 70% alcohol, are soft on the skin and highly recommended for professional use. A quick wipe with one of these large wipes will guarantee you full disinfection. The new PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes are sold in a large tube of 150 wipes. Particularly suitable for truck drivers, builders, taxi drivers, factory workers, cleaners, etc. 

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes - How to use

Remove the blue lid, perforate the seal and pull one wipe at a time. Each wipe contains enough cleaning solution for one wash. For heavy duty cleaning & hand disinfecting projects you can pull 1-3 wipes to ensure full removal of all kinds of residue and full disinfection. Use one wipe to disinfect your hands after you have a direct contact with an exterior surface that could contain harmful bacteria or virus. The new PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes are not suitable for cleaning surfaces. Use the wipes for disinfecting your hands. 

To prevent viruses and bacteria from moving around you should always disinfect your hands. Do not just assume that a surface is spotless. It is entirely up to you to make sure that your health and other people's health is fully protected. Use the most innovative and the most advanced hand cleaning wipes. Disinfect and clean your hands as often as you can. 

Safety : These wipes contain large amounts of Ethanol. The wipes are highly flammable and common sense is required. Do not dispose of the wipes in an open fire and do not use the wipes around naked flames. Also, do not wipe hot surfaces and do not use the wipe for internal cleaning. Keep the container tightly closed and any wipe that was extracted from the tube has to be used within a minute. Store the wipes in a well ventilated area. 

PAL TX Hand Sanitising Wipes

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