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Optima 15gm Galvanised Scourer - Pack Of 25

  • Product Code: 828/15
  • Availability: 98

-top of the range quality 15gr galvanised scourers

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs

-available in bags of 25 scourers or boxes of 100

-highly recommended for the kitchen cleaning industry

-made from very rough and durable galvanised metal



15gm Galvanised Scourer Review

When it comes to cleaning, getting the right equipment means half the job is already done. This is because it affects how fast you do the cleaning, how great the results are, and how little effort you are needed to use. The kitchen is a busy place, cookware and utensils are always getting soiled. Some from the cooking operations, others from dried-on food particles from last night's dinner. Whichever the case, you want to be able to restore the shine to your items, bring back their appeal, and prepare them for the next usage. A proper clean will also extend the life of your items, enabling you to derive maximum use from them. The dirt- whether it’s cheese stuck to the surface of the pan, or oil splatters on the pots, reduces their efficacy, affecting the quality of the meals you prepare. The layers of grime lower the fuel efficiency of your cooking process, meaning your kitchen guzzles up more energy, further raking up your monthly bills. Providing a thorough clean will enable you to cut on costs, and have your cooking operations done optimally. You can make this a reality using the 15gm Galvanised Scourer.


Time is of the essence. You don’t want to spend hours at the sink trying to get the burn marks and caked-on food particles off your cooking items. First, it hampers service delivery, especially for food catering establishments, from hotels and restaurants, to fast-food joints. You want your items to be ready in a timely manner, to enable your customers to be attended to. Secondly, the excessive scrubbing that comes from using low quality products increases the risk of scratch marks forming on your cookware. It damages their look and appeal, and deep grooves actually affect the flow of heat through the walls, and reduces the life of your item. It’s not just cookware that is affected. Oil splatters can reach the surrounding walls of the kitchen, and end up on the floors. You may be handling equipment around your residential or commercial premises that is in need of thorough scrub. The 15gm Galvanised Scourer will be up to the task, to enable you to bring the sparkle to your appliances and surfaces.


Benefits Of The 15gm Galvanised Scourer

1. Thorough clean

You want it to cut through the grease and stubborn soiling, and scrub away those burn marks on your cookware and oil splatters on your stove tops. That's exactly what the 15gm Galvanised Scourer does. From the BBQ grill, cooking pots and pans, to getting the grime off your oven, it will deliver superb results with minimal time. The tough scrubbing action additionally means that you don't need much elbow grease to get things done- just a couple of scrubs in a circular motion on the surface you're cleaning, and you'll be good to go.


2. Galvanised

The 15gm Galvanised Scourer gives it corrosion resistance. This is vital since you’ll be using it in wet conditions. You won’t have to worry about rust forming, and the 15gm Galvanised Scourer remains effective in both acidic and alkaline environments.


3. Lightweight

You'll barely notice the weight on your hands as you do the scrubbing with the 15gm Galvanised Scourer. This reduces the amount of energy that you need for the processes, which also contributes in making the cleaning tasks a breeze. The lightweight 15gm Galvanised Scourer is also a handy tool for outdoor cleaning, like when you’re at a camp. It barely adds any load to the gear that you'll have brought with you.


4. Easy to maintain

Grit is abrasive. When there are food particles left in a cleaning tool, they get dragged across the surface of your items, which can cause scratches. Then there’s also the odour issue, caused by food particles that are decaying. With the 15gm Galvanised Scourer, you won’t need to worry about that. After you're done washing your pots, pans and other utensils, simply rinse it in hot or warm water, and let it dry. You can even immediately reuse it. The ease of maintaining the 15gm Galvanised Scourer also enables it to give you longer service life.


5. Budget-friendly

The 15gm Galvanised Scourer has been priced to enable you to reduce your cleaning budget. It’s affordable, and its superior durability gives you more washes for every pack you purchase. This cuts down on the number of times you'll need to make replacements, slashing down your expenditure.

15gm Galvanised Scourer

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