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38gm Galvanised Scourer - Pack Of 10

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-very rough professional galvanised scourers

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-one of the most popular galvanised scourers

-highly recommended for the oven cleaning jobs

-much better quality than similar products available

-available in bags of 10 or boxes of 50 scourers


38gm Galvanised Scourer Review

The kitchen is abuzz with activity. It's the nerve centre of every home. In food service centres such as restaurants, hotels, and fast-food joints, the kitchen is the core of all operations. Things have to be at their peak performance, otherwise everything grinds to a halt. A core part of this is ensuring that the items remain clean. However, taking over 20 minutes scrubbing away at your stove top is not how you want things to go. You don't want to spend an hour hunched over your sink trying to remove that burnt-on food from your pots and pans. It’s exasperating, and you use too much energy. It's a slow and arduous process, and you may still not end up with the results you desire. Some tools even worsen things by falling apart as you do the scrubbing, further crippling the speed of operations, and putting you on edge. You want a product that can give you quality results, with minimal time spent doing the cleaning. A scouring tool that will cut through that baked-on food material, and restore the grand look to your items. A product that will reduce that amount of elbow grease needed to get the job done. That's a job for the 38gm Galvanised Scourer.


You don't want to see pieces of last week's dinner on your cleaning tools. Food particles in the cloths and sponges are fodder for millions of microorganisms. And since they spend most of their time wet, it creates a breeding ground for the germs. This can easily cause them to spread from one surface of another, between cooking items and countertops. The decaying organic matter also causes odours to form. No one likes dealing with smelly sponges, or cleaning cloths chock full of nasty bacteria. Reduce the load on them by getting an alternative that dries quickly, and does not smell. Sponges also have a tendency of falling apart or treating off. You want a product that give you a long service life while constantly delivering optimal results. You can achieve that using the 38gm Galvanised Scourer.


Benefits Of The 38gm Galvanised Scourer

1. Tough cleaning action

The stainless steel wire sponge is designed to provide thorough scrubbing action on your dishes, cast iron, stainless steel items. It will cut though those stubborn stains with ease, and remove those caked-on food particles and burn marks, to bring back the shine to your items. Handling eggs and melted cheese, burnt BBQ grill pans, smudge on counters, and also maintenance equipment will be a breeze. The 38gm Galvanised Scourer achieves this high level of cleaning action without building up any mildew. The quick drying prevents bacteria from forming, which means there’ll be no odours to worry about. 


2. Versatile

You can clean a vast range of items using the 38gm Galvanised Scourer. From scouring pots, utensils and stainless steel stove hoods, all through to getting those stuck dirt smudges off your floor, stairways and walls, the 38gm Galvanised Scourer will deliver superb results. 


3. Easy to use

Simply scrub. No special skills are needed to use it. Hold the 38gm Galvanised Scourer with one hand, place it against the surface that you want to clean, and scrub using circular motion, applying the desired pressure. It's also easy to maintain. After you're done washing your items, rinse the 38gm Galvanised Scourer out with water and give it a couple of minutes to dry- or even reuse immediately. You can rinse using warm or hot water, or soak in a cleaning solution to dissolve the grease and caked-on soiling. The lightweight 38gm Galvanised Scourer means you barely notice it even when you’re moving around, making it a great cleaning companion when you’re going camping hiking.


4. Durable

The tough structure of the 38gm Galvanised Scourer prevents it from splintering and affecting the quality of the results, whilst simultaneously preserving its life. In addition, being stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about corrosion. You can use it in wet and damp acidic or alkaline environments. 


5. Aesthetics

It also looks good. The silver tone of the 38gm Galvanised Scourer blends well with the ambience of your kitchen. 


6. Cost effective

In addition to the strength and quality of the 38gm Galvanised Scourer that gives you many washes out of one piece, the package itself is affordable, enabling you to cut down your cleaning costs. Moreover, you get 10 pieces of 38gm Galvanised Scourer for every purchase, meaning that it lasts you for longer, giving you more savings.

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