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Optima Proclean 40gm S/S Cleaning Ball - Pack Of 10

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 824/40
  • Availability: 10

Optima Proclean 40gm S/S Cleaning Ball - Pack Of 10

-highly popular rust free stainless steel scourers

-sold in packs of 10, very long lasting, affordable

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-much better than similar products sold online

-40G, individually wrapped, machine washable

Using The 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

Scorched food on pots, burnt-on residue on your pans- these are a nightmare. You may have been making some soup and didn’t notice that the bottom got burnt until it was already too late. Perhaps you had walked out of the kitchen to get the ringing phone and got lost in conversation, only to realise your mistake when you notice a smoke smell coming from the kitchen- and found your meal burnt to the bottom of the pan. Busy environments, from homes with kids running around to the restaurant which are abuzz with activity around the clock- it's common to leave something on the stove for longer than is required, resulting in the unsightly mess. Baked on food on your cookware, the grease splatters that stick to the grills and kitchen equipment, the layers of gunk coating the oven racks- they all need to be got rid of. For this, you want to work with a product that will be up to the task. 

Superior scrubbing action

With the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers, you get to remove the stubborn dirt that is clinging onto your dishes and cookware. From baked on food on pots and pans, to the grease that sticks to the frying pans and charred food debris on grills- they are got rid of with ease. The scourers cut through the layers of grime, while being safe on the hands. With their sturdy construction, these scourers can also be used for stovetops, working on the tables with stubborn grime, all through to aspects like cleaning bathroom surfaces. They should not be used for cleaning non-stick cooking equipment, so as not to abrade the protective layer that has been coated onto such appliances. Note that when you’re using the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers for different sections of the household, they should be designated to those areas. The scourers used on dishes and cookware should be separate from those used on tables, and those that are employed for working on the stubborn stains on washroom surfaces should be restricted to the area. This is in order to avoid issues of cross contamination. 

The stainless steel products are resistant to rust. This is vital, seeing that the cleaning operations are mainly carried out on wet environments, and you don’t want your tools deteriorating because of oxidation effects.  The structure of the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers prevents this from occurring. The versatility of this product gives it a wide range of applications. From getting rid of the gunk that is in the dark parts of your cooking pots, to out in the sea- working on the grime that is on the equipment in boats which are always in salty water, the scourers will provide the abrasive cleaning action that is required. They are also ergonomic, comfortably fitting in the hand to make the cleaning process a breeze.

Quality cleaning at affordable costs

The pricing of the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers makes it a pocket-friendly choice. You get to meet your kitchen cleaning needs without punching a hole in your budget. The scourers are available in packs of 10, with each of the units being individually wrapped. The durability of the scourers also comes in handy in giving you long term savings. Suited to the heavy duty cleaning tasks, and having features such as rust resistance, the scourers get to provide a long service life, while retaining their performance. The frequency of switching out from one to another is reduced, providing you optimal value with every purchase made.

Taking Care Of The 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

Caring for the scourers is key to maintain their optimal performance.  For this, you don’t need to make much effort. Rinsing the 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers in warm or hot water will remove the debris that has been scrubbed of the various appliances and equipment that were being worked on. You can also soak it in the cleaning liquids that were being used, in order to aid in dissolving the residue. After each cleaning session, ensure that you have rinse out the gunk from the scourer, and regularly wash it is soapy water. All that follows is using clean water to rinse it, shaking out the excess water, then allowing the scourer to air dry. It will be ready for the next cleaning task.

Using The 40g Optima Proclean Stainless Steel Scourers

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