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Green Catering Scouring Pads 6"

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-very tough green scouring pads that were designed for heavy duty jobs

-made from high quality materials & known to be long lasting even if used daily

-suitable for scrubbing sensitive surfaces like glass, polished floors, painted surfaces

-our green scouring pads are very popular with the cleaning industry

-reduces the need for using sharp blades on sensitive surfaces



Scouring Pads – Where to use

The green scouring pads were designed to be used on glass, painted surfaces, pot scrubbing, floor scrubbing, etc. Suitable to use even on very sensitive surfaces. By using scouring pads you avoid using sharp blades on surfaces that could be easily scratched. Scouring pads are one of the tools that should not be missing from any decent cleaning company’s van. It will speed up the job and it will make your life much easier. No kitchen cleaning or oven cleaning company could do without scouring pads. You can use our scouring pads on any type of surface subject to care and attention.



Scouring Pads – How to use

The standard scouring pads were made to be used wet. First of all, wet the surfaces that you plan to clean and then start scrubbing in circular movements. Apply a decent amount of pressure onto the pad to achieve the best results. Most types of scouring pads are much more efficient if used in conjunction with hot water or steam. Many cleaning company never use sharp blades to remove paint or general dirt from the glass. Instead scouring pads are used to do the job. You can use  scouring pads to remove light and heavy duty dirt, including paint, grease, silicone, etc.



Scouring Pads – Safety

Putting too much pressure on some sensitive surfaces could end up causing scratches. Also, using very hot water in conjunction with a scouring pad could result in the removal of some paints. Only scrub washable paint.



Scouring Pads – Recommendation

If you are looking for a tool to easily remove paint, grease, silicon, general dirt, etc, without the need for sharp blades, you should try instead our scouring pads. You can buy it in packs of 10 or 20. Buy our quality scouring pads today and make your job easier and faster.




Scouring Pads – why not complete your job faster and easier?

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