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-professional quality heavy duty green scourers

-suitable for light and heavy duty scrubbing jobs

-much tougher than similar types of scourers

-highly recommended for window cleaning

-made by Killeen - high quality guaranteed


Killeen Catering Scourers x 10 per pack


Make Your Dishes And Surfaces Sparkle With The Killeen Green Catering Scourers

When cleaning, you can't just rely on a cloth alone. Whether you're working on dishes, sinks, bathtubs, kitchen countertops etc., the first thing you reach for is the scouring pad. This is especially when you’re dealing with stubborn stains and stuck food. Is an easy and effective way to get unsightly burn marks off your pans, caked-on food residue from your dishes, and make your pots shine. If you're in the catering business, hotels, restaurants and other high-traffic food handling zones, chances are that you deal with a lot of dishes. You need a tool that can handle the workload without breaking down. Even in your home, you want a product that'll last through numerous cleaning sessions, and save you the costs you would incur making replacements. Whether you're catering for a business meeting, fundraising gala, or wedding event, you need a product that’s guaranteed to work. That's where heavy duty cleaners like the Killeen Green Catering Scourers come in. Here is a look at the product and what it does for you.


What Are The Killeen Green Catering Scourers?

These are heavy duty scourers specially designed to handle the cleaning requirements in commercial catering environments, or anywhere a superior scourer is required. You can also use the Killeen Green Catering Scourers at home and at work, in bathrooms and kitchens. They are even effective for cleaning your utensils and equipment while at camp or on your weekend retreats. Whether you have stains baked into your glass baking dishes at home, burn marks on your cast-iron pots or stove burners, lasagna that you left in your pan overnight, or a pile of dishes and pans in your school cafeteria, dirty broilers, garden tools or grills, these scourers will have them sparkling in moments. 


Benefits Of The Killeen Green Catering Scourers


1. Superior cleaning

The Killeen Green Catering Scourers are made using high quality fibres designed to provide effective washing for professional catering and home cleaning jobs. They come with mineral particles evenly distributed within the fibres to provide a consistent clean, and eliminate the dirt and grime from the surfaces of your kitchenware. Your cleaning sessions don’t have to be a taxing experience. You get to clean variety of surfaces including copper stainless steel, and non-stick coatings on pots and pans without much effort.


2. All-surface cleaning

The Killeen Green Catering Scourers are used for cleaning, scouring, and scrubbing home and catering cookware, kitchen utensils and equipment. They also work on other surfaces such as kitchen countertops and bathrooms, heavily baked-on food on stairways, walls, desks, and even railings, the doors and racks of ovens, plus maintenance equipment in industries. You can also use the Killeen Green Catering Scourers on windows, as they won't scratch the surface. Clean the dirt from your flower pots, dried food from dog and cat bowls, soap scum on your shower doors, and even bug goo on car windows and windshields. Medical practitioners also use the scourers in their offices, when prepping surgical equipment for the sterilization process. Whether you're looking for a tough tool for tough jobs, for business or home use, the Killeen Green Catering Scourers are up to the task.


3. Ergonomic

You want a scourer that you can work with comfortably. No one likes fiddling around with small scourers that you can't grip well enough to reach larger areas. The large size of the Killeen Green Catering Scourers gives you more scrubbing power, ensuring that you can work off that grease and grime stuck to the surfaces. This is especially a bonus when you're dealing with large pots and pans, since you cut through the grime and burn marks quicker, slashing down on the time you spend cleaning your items. 


4. Non-scratch

The last thing you want is to have to deal with scratches on your kitchenware. If you run a professional catering business, you'll lose clients if the cutlery and glassware comes with all sort of marks. Even in your very own home, you want to keep your items shining and free of any scratches. The Killeen Green Catering Scourers are tough on dirt and grease, but gentle on your surfaces. They leave the items sparkling without causing any streaks or scratches. You get to tackle stubborn stains without damaging delicate or non-stick surfaces.


5. Easy to clean

No one likes having to clean dishes, only to be left with grubby and grimy dish scrubbers that are tough to clean. The Killeen Green Catering Scourers are easy to clean and maintain, even for cases like washing scrambled eggs and cheese off your pans and plates. Just wash, rinse and allow to dry.


6. Long-lasting

Each of the Killeen Green Catering Scourers is designed to clean for longer. No more worrying about a product that loses its stiffness after just a couple of washes. The fibres of the Killeen Green Catering Scourers provide resistance to degradation when exposed to hot water, detergents and normal or abrasive cleaning liquids.


How To Use The Killeen Green Catering Scourers

Follow these steps:

1. Take one of the Killeen Green Catering Scourers and hold it in your hand.

2. Wet it with the cleaning solution (such as a dishwashing liquid) on either side of the surface.

3. Place the wetted side of the scourer against the surface that you're cleaning.

4. Scrub the surface using a circular motion. You can apply some pressure if needed.

5. Rinse off the scrubbed areas using clean water, or wipe off using a clean and damp cloth.

6. Clean and rinse the scourer. 


Maintaining The Killeen Green Catering Scourers

You should clean the Killeen Green Catering Scourers after each use to maintain its effectiveness and prolong its life. For this you can use warm or hot water, or soak the scourer in a cleaning solution in order to dissolve the caked on soil and grease. Start by spraying or rinsing off the excess food debris from the scourer. You can use your sink's faucet or a dish sprayer. The imbedded debris can be easily removed by hand. Then wash the scourer in soapy water. This will remove the remaining grease and food debris. Rinse it in clean water. Squeeze out the excess water and leave it to air dry. That way, your scourer will be clean and ready for the next dishwashing or surface cleaning session. You can also soak it in a sanitizer solution, then rinse and allow to dry. In case you're using a dishwasher, ensure that you don't roll the Killeen Green Catering Scourers. Both sides of the scourer should be exposed for washing.


Killeen Green Scouring Pads - professional results for less!

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