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Optima Magic Sponge


The perfect sponge for removing dirt from tiles, baths, sinks, stainless steel, etc

It can be used for cleaning and polishing leather shoes, computer screens, etc

It will remove impregnated dirt from sensitive surfaces without the risk of scratches

Suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning projects, no chemicals needed

Sold in packs of 12 sponges or you can buy it in bulk in boxes of 12 packs of sponges

The new Optima Magic Sponge can also be used for removing dirt from painted walls

It will remove stubborn stains such as crayon, dirt, soap scum, lime scale & more

The most innovative sponge available on the market. Simplicity at its best, it works



Optima Magic Sponge - Where to use


The Optima Magic Sponge is a professional cleaning sponge capable of removing many types of dirt and stains from baths, sinks, tiles, taps, glass, leather, alloys, plastic, wood, floors, etc. It does not need any chemicals and it works all the time. It can be used for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning. It will get rid of stubborn stains, crayons, food stains, limescale, smoke stains, etc. All you need is a bit of water and your magic sponge. The product is known to last for very long periods of time and it will provide amazing results even after months of regular use.


Optima Magic Sponge - How to use


The new Optima Magic Sponge works like a melamine pad. Just wet the sponge slightly with warm water and start scrubbing the surface/area with circular movements. You will notice the dirt being transferred from the surface to the pad. Repeat the operation if the results are not satisfactory after one go. To avoid cross contamination do not use the same Optima Magic Sponge on many different areas. We sell it in packs of 12 sponges per pack and the prices are pretty affordable.


Try the incredible Optima Magic Sponge today. Chemical free stain remover from Optima. Loved by professionals and highly recommended by domestic users.


Optima Magic Sponge

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