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Optima Proclean Copper Scourers

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 821/15
  • Availability: 8

Optima Proclean Copper Scourers

-professional heavy duty copper scourers

-rust free copper scourers, medium size

-highly recommended for the catering 

-much more durable than classic scourers

-affordable, durable, efficient, rust free

Using The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers To Remove Stubborn Stains

Have you ever been in the middle of cooking up a meal, then walked away- for what seemed to be just a second- only to come back and find a burnt pan? Those minor distractions when you’re cooking- you hear a knock on the door, you get a phone call- which you answer and end up chatting with your friend for half an hour, forgetting that your attention was needed in the kitchen, those hectic cases where there are toddlers in the households running around- and in the process of chasing after them you leave the cooking pot for a little too long, all through to busy commercial kitchens- where the beehive of activities often means that there will be a case of food getting burnt almost on a daily basis. Every cook goes through this at one point or another. Even the professional chefs, with decades of experience, have their fair share of burnt pans. That charred mess at the bottom of your cookware can be frustrating, especially since the conventional cleaning agents do not work on it. It can’t be simply dissolved away. Here, thorough scrubbing action is needed, which is where scourers come in.

However, not just any scourer does the trick. There are various issues that come in to play. Firstly, how sensitive is the item being worked on? You don’t want a situation where your dishes and cookware end up with scratches. This will dictate the type of scourer that can be safely used on them. Then there is the corrosion issue. With the mechanical scrubbing that is taking place, one needs to be very careful on the particular metal scourer selected, in order to avoid crust contamination on their kitchen items. What of the cost? Certainly, you don’t want your kitchen cleaning budget being overly strained. On the other hand, going for products that come at rock bottom prices means that you will be compromising on aspects like quality and effectiveness of the unit. As they say, ‘Cheap is expensive’. Low quality metal scourers will get deteriorated fast, forcing you to frequently make replacements, which racks up your cleaning costs. Since burnt pots and pans are bound to happen, you want equipment that you can rely on to take you for the long haul, giving you value for the amount that you have spent. Then there is the functionality itself. After all, you want a scourer that is actually good at what it’s intended to do- restoring the burnt-on cookware. This is right up the alley of the Optima Proclean Copper Scourers. 

Comfortable and effective cleaning action

The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers are easy on your hands. They have been designed to make the scrubbing process a breeze, without compromising on the abrasion that is required to deal with the baked on food on your cookware. This makes the task less of a hassle. When it comes to functionality, these scourers cut through the grease and easily remove the burnt on food that is on your units. You can use them to clean soiled pots and pans, all through to getting rid of the grime all through to stoves and oven racks. They are specially designed for the medium-duty cleaning tasks, allowing you to meet your kitchen cleaning needs without having to spend hours scrubbing at the stubborn grime. In these units are a favourite for homes and commercial food establishments like restaurants, lightening the load that is associated with tough cleaning tasks.  They are also highly durable, and rusting will not occur.  

This is a light product, weighing only 15g. It’s ergonomic to work with, making the chore of dealing with the food that is scorched onto your dishes and cooking appliances less tiring. You get to complete the cleaning in moments, freeing you to focus on other aspects of the kitchen cleaning, and preventing a bottleneck from forming at the sink- especially in commercial kitchens where a pile-up of dishes will hamper the flow of operations. The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers come in convenient packs of 25 products each, that are simple to store in your drawer or kitchen cabinet. You can purchase a case, containing 40 of the packs. 

Using The Optima Proclean Copper Scourers To Remove Stubborn Stains

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