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Spray Bottles


  • Manufactured from semi clear recyclable plastic

  • 750 ML, Height 234 MM, Weight 45G, food safe

  • Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential use

  • Premium chemical resistance, cold & hot water

  • It will fit most types of universal spray nozzles

  • Shock resistant, cost effective, long lasting, eco


Spray Bottles - Recyclable


Our spray bottles are manufactured from 100% recyclable plastic components. The bottle is manufactured from shock resistant semi clear plastic. Suitable for heavy duty commercial and industrial use.


Spray Bottles - Long lasting


Our spray bottles are made from heavy duty thick plastic materials and it will outlast most other types of spray bottles available on the market. Can be used with cold and also warm water. The bottle will not crack in contact with harsh chemicals or hot water. Our spray bottles are classified as “food safe” and can be used within the food processing industry.


Spray Bottles - 750 ML


The 750ML spray bottle is the most popular spray bottle. It has a large enough capacity but is not too heavy to carry around for frequent use. The bottle can be labelled with industry labels to avoid confusion. 


Spray Bottles - Liquid & Gels


Our heavy duty spray bottles can be used with liquid cleaning products and oven cleaning gels. Nothing can damage or burn the plastic bottle. Special gel nozzle heads have to be used when using thick gels. 


Stop using cheap spray bottles that cannot be recycled and will end up in a landfill. Try our amazing spray bottles and you will spend less money because our spray bottles last longer than other similar products.


Spray Bottles

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