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T-Spray & Bottle

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-this t-spray & bottle is made from very strong & durable plastic

-a professional quality product designed for commercial use

-suitable to use with any type of cleaning products, liquid or gel

-made from very flexible plastic that is shock and drop resistant

-the nozzle head will create a high quality pressurised mist



T-Spray & Bottle – Where to use

T-Spray & Bottle can be used for mixing up cleaning products or it can be used with ready to use cleaning products. It will spray with pressure and it will last for very long periods of time. This superb quality T-Spray & Bottle is very popular with the commercial market but it can be used with success in the domestic market. T-Spray & Bottle can be used to spray liquid products or gel like products. It is highly suitable for use with liquid polishes or waxes. The mist created will spray evenly and at the perfect level.



T-Spray & Bottle – Cost effective

When you buy a T-Spray & Bottle from us you will have a professional product that will last you for a very long time. This superb quality product is made from high quality materials and in the long run it will be a good investment. Cheap T-Spray & Bottles will break pretty easily and cost more money replacing. By buying quality products you avoid wasting money on more bottles that will break very easily.



T-Spray & Bottles – Recommendation

If you are looking for a professional spray bottle that comes with a heavy duty nozzle, you need to check out Our products are high quality products designed to be long lasting even under constant use. Buy bulk and buy cheaper.




T-Spray & Bottle – buy quality and have it for longer!

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