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Optima Proclean Curved Air Freshener

Optima Proclean Curved Air FreshenerLong lasting universal air freshener from OptimaThe product is available in two different fragrancesIt can be used to deodorise rooms, bins, toilets, etcThe fragran..

Optima Proclean Urinal Screen

Optima Proclean Urinal ScreenHighly deodorised urinal screen suitable for commercial useAvailable in two strong fragrances, mango and honeysuckleIt cancels bad odours in the urinal and it reduces spla..

P-Wave Basix Urinal Screen Mango

P-Wave Basix Urinal Screen Mango..

P-Wave Bowl Clip Mango

P-Wave Bowl ClipOne of the most versatile and long lasting toilet deodorizers and refreshersIt can be fitted around the toilet rim, around the piping system or anywhere elseIt provides over 30 days of..

P-Wave Slant6 Urinal Screen

P-Wave Slant6 Urinal ScreensOne of the most cost effective and the “greenest” urinal screen availableA double sided urinal screen that will provide over 30 days of fragranceIt prevents splashes, it fi..

P-Wave Trough Screen Mango

P-Wave Trough Screen Mango ..

Vectair V-Screen Urinal Screen

Vectair V-Screen Urinal ScreensThe most effective way to keep the urinal clean and deodorisedIt fits nicely over the urinal drain and it stops residue from blocking itIt deodorises and cleans the urin..
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