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No Entry Floor Sign

  • Heavy duty A frame plastic no entry floor sign from Ramon

  • Manufactured from shock resistant yellow plastic materials

  • Dual sided, very light, clearly marked, 60 cm x 30 cm wide

  • Suitable for commercial and industrial floor cleaning projects

  • It reduces the risk of unauthorized entry and accidental falls

  • It will fit in all narrow spaces and all small cleaning vans/cars

  • Unaffected by harsh chemicals or UV rays, very affordable

  • Wipe clean surface, folds for easy storage and highly visible

No Entry Floor Sign - Where to use

A No Entry Floor Sign is an essential warning floor sign for all cleaning companies and all types of commercial cleaning & renovations. The No Entry Floor Sign will let people know that particular areas are off limits for a period of time. By not having a warning sign clearly visible, you will expose yourself and your company to potential insurance claims and unwanted accidents. If you are washing a floor, if you are removing items from some areas, if you are working at heights and if you do not want people to pass under it, you should have a No Entry Floor Signed located at all access areas. The sign itself cannot stop unwanted access but at least you have done all you could to make it clear that there is work going on and the access within that area is restricted. The No Entry Floor Sign should be located at all access areas with the writing clearly visible. There are a number of other warning signs that can be used for a number of reasons, but if you are likely to use heavy duty equipment that could hurt people, make sure to use a No Entry Floor Sign instead of a Wet Floor Sign. A No Entry Floor Sign is likely to stop people more than the risks associated with a wet floor sign. 

No Entry Floor Sign - How to use

Identify all the access areas within the working area and have a No Entry Floor Sign at every entry or door. The sign is an A-shape so it stands on its own. The warning sign has to be visible from far away so make sure to have the No Entry Floor Sign fitted within the door frame areas facing the access entry. All warning signs should be cleaned regularly to make it as visible as possible. When done with the sign, just fold it in and store it in a safe place with low risks of scratches. A badly scratched No Entry Floor Sign where the writing is not visible is pretty much useless. It is recommended that most contractors carry a number of warning signs for particular jobs to reduce the risks of accidents.

Top quality No Entry Floor Signs from Ramon. Manufactured from premium quality components & shock resistant plastic, our warning signs are likely to last for many years. Do not take a chance. Invest in a professional warning sign to protect your customers and your business.

No Entry Floor Sign

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