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Wet Floor Sign

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-double sided - Cleaning In Progress & Wet Floor

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs

-carring handle, very visible, very light & very tough

-the ideal size for any wet floor sign : 300 x 400 x 600

-a must have sign to avoid all types of accident claims


 Wet Floor Sign Review

Slips and falls are leading causes of unintentional injury. Millions of people are rushed to emergency rooms because of accidents from wet floors. The injuries range from bruised, sprained, and torn ligaments and muscles, neck and back injuries like whiplash, fractured bones such as of the hands and wrists, all through to head injuries like concussions or scalp lacerations. Why is wet floor signage important? First, you want to protect your customers and employees. You don’t want to miss out on potential revenue from a customer because they had a nasty accident while on your premises. Secondly, getting a wet floor sign enables you to save on costs that you would have incurred from compensation claims and possible lawsuits. Commercial establishments have the responsibility of keeping their property safe from defects and dangerous conditions which could cause injuries. Some floors like marble and terrazzo tiles are by nature slippery, which is compounded when they get wet. Hard flooring like linoleum installed in high traffic areas is designed to be easy to clean, but this also makes the space vulnerable to persons walking on it before it dries. Sometimes spills are not anticipated, and you'll need to warn people of the danger before it can be mopped off.


The purpose of a wet floor sign is to draw the attention of persons in the premises and alert them. You want it to be noticed, and be easy to comprehend. An effective sign is one that gets the most attention from the widest range of audiences. This puts into place factors such as the colour of the wet floor sign itself, symbols and signage that can be understood by all demographics, and even high readability to enable persons who are at least 5 feet away to be able to make out the content clearly. You also want one that will be easy to use, since extra hustles during the cleaning process can be exasperating. You want a quality product. Turn to this Wet Floor Sign. 


Benefits Of The Wet Floor Sign

1. Folded structure

This is beneficial in 2 ways. First, keeping the Wet Floor Sign at an angle enables it to stand firmly on the surface. Secondly, completely folding it allows it to occupy less storage space. In addition, it enables the Wet floor Sign to be strategically positioned in areas where it will be visible from all directions, such as near entrances.


2. Large and colourful

No one will miss it. The 300 x 400 x 600 mm Wet Floor Sign will draw attention to persons using the area in your building, enabling them to immediately take note of it and take precaution. This, coupled with the yellow warning colour, plus the red and black symbols and text message on bother sides that stand out saying "Caution Wet Floor" and "Cleaning in Progress", makes the Wet Floor Sign effective in providing warning and preventing accidents. The images increase visibility and comprehension of signs. This ensures that it is readable from a long distance away, and also adheres to floor safety regulations.


3. Versatile

The Wet Floor Sign is mainly used in warning visitors that a surface is in the process of being cleaned, or has just finished being cleaned as is waiting to be dry. You can also use it in conditions such as those when rain water gets into the building, or people come in with dripping garments, spreading water all over. This cautions other persons to take extra care in the area. Note that when the floor gets wet it should be mopped up immediately, for both the safety of your employees and customers, and also to prevent water damage to the finish. 


4. Ergonomic

Set up is a breeze. Simply unfold the Wet Floor Sign and place it on the floor. It just takes a few seconds. In addition, it comes with a carrying handle, enabling you to attach the Wet Floor Sign to the janitorial cart. 


5. Durable

The PVC structure of the Wet Floor Sign gives it impact resistance, and also enhances the life of the product. You get to use it for longer, giving you a higher value return for your purchase.


6. Affordable

You get to have proper floor signage for your establishment without breaking the bank. The budget friendly pricing of the Wet Floor Sign allows you to cut costs on your cleaning equipment expenditure.


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