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Ettore Super Channel With Rubber

€19.52 Ex Tax: €15.87

Ettore Super Channel & Rubber

  • Heavy duty commercial super channel & rubber

  • Manufactured from lightweight aircraft aluminium

  • Ettore Super Channel fits all Ettore channels

  • Produced to absolute highest industry standards

  • Super channel is available in a wide range of sizes

  • Highly recommended for larger glass panels/windows

Ettore Super Channel & Rubber - Where to use

This the most efficient and most complex channel from Ettore brand. The Ettore Super Channel & Rubber is manufactured from heavy duty lightweight aircraft aluminium. Extruded gold anodized channel in longer lengths designed to reduce flex for optimal results. Each Super Channel is hand inspected ensuring the absolute highest quality and flawless performance. This professional channel is mostly used for large glass panels and commercial windows. The channel is the perfect balance of weight and versatility, as it can be combined with various Ettore handles. 

Ettore Super Channel & Rubber - How to use

The new Ettore Super Channel & Rubber is compatible with all Ettore channels. Due to its perfect wight balance, the channel will leave the glass streak free and spotless. It will slide effortlessly on the glass and it will cover huge areas in no time. The ideal channel for cleaning solar panels, large glass doors, showroom glass and glass roofs. Manufactured from rust proof components.

Ettore Super Channel & Rubber - Why use it

The new Ettore Super Channel & Rubber was designed to reduce flex which allows for larger and quicker passes on glass, both forward and backward. This product is easy to use, covers large surfaces of glass at once and is designed to last for long periods of time. Time is money and the new Ettore Super Channel & Rubber is the ideal tool for making big money. Check out the full Ettore range of professional window cleaning products.

Ettore Super Channel & Rubber

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