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Ettore Brass Top-Clip Handle

  • Professional brass handle compatible with all Ettore channels

  • The channel can be easily replaced with a flick of your thumb

  • Manufactured from rust-proof copper and plastic components

  • Compatible with all Ettore aluminium extension poles & handles

  • Light, ergonomic, very well made, suitable for heavy duty use

  • Fitted with a rubber handle for good grip and comfort, affordable

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic window cleaning projects

Ettore Brass Top-Clip Handle - Where to use

A heavy duty channel handle suitable for professional use. Compatible with all Ettore channels and a number of channels from other brands. It is compatible with all Ettore aluminium poles. Manufactured from quality copper and shock resistant plastic components. Designed for daily window cleaning projects and professional heavy duty use. The handle is fitted with a comfortable rubber cover for better grip. You can just change the channel with a flick of your thumb. Fast to replace the channel, light, cost effective and a very beautiful piece of equipment from Ettore.

Ettore Brass Top-Clip Handle - How to use

Pick your channel, lift up the plastic handle that creates pressure on the channel, stick in the new channel and press the handle down. It should take you between 2 to 5 seconds to fully replace the channel. The new Ettore Brass Top-Clip Handle is particularly handy where you are working at heights or in hard to reach areas and when you have to use different size channels. You just need 1 handle and a few channels.

Like all Ettore tools and equipment, the new Ettore Brass Top-Clip Handle was designed with you in mind. You need to work fast and efficiently. You need to use as little tools as possible to increase your profits and reduce your workload. Try the new Ettore Brass Top-Clip Handle today and be ready to be impressed

Ettore Brass Top-Clip Handle

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