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Ettore Classic Stainless Channels With No Clip

€5.95 Ex Tax: €4.84

Ettore Classic Stainless Channel With No Clip

  • Professional stainless steel channel with no clip

  • Suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning

  • It will clean windows to a spotless and streak free finish

  • Compatible with all handles from Ettore brand

  • Manufactured from heavy duty rust free materials

  • Low cost, durable and cost effective

  • Sizes available in 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 55 cm


Ettore Classic Stainless Channel With No Clip - Where to use

Universal channel rubber suitable for commercial window cleaning and domestic window cleaning projects. This amazing range of stainless steel channels & rubbers are manufactured by Ettore. It can be used for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass panels, solar panels, shower glass, etc.The rubber will remove all excess water and it will leave the glass spotless. The channel is compatible with all Ettore handles and other brands of stainless steel handles.

Ettore Classic Stainless Channel With No Clip - How to use

Ettore unique channel locking system is faster and easier to change the channel. If you are using an easy release system, you will just have to lift up the release button, change the channel and push the release system back. For larger glass panels use the 55 cm channel and for standard or smaller window cleaning projects use 20 to 35 cm channels.

Ettore Classic Stainless Channel With No Clip - Why Ettore

Ettore makes some of the most efficient, durable, reasonably priced and cost effective window cleaning equipment. When you use an Ettore channel, you know it. The glass looks spotless and streak free, the channel slides effortlessly on the glass and even after years of usage it still looks like new. To achieve more with less effort, use the new range of Ettore window cleaning products. You can buy cheaper window cleaning channels, but you will not work as well as you do with a proper Ettore system

Ettore Classic Stainless Channel With No Clip

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