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Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster

  • Professional dual squeegee holster from Ettore

  • It will hold with two window cleaning squeegees

  • Manufactured from water proof treated leather

  • It will attach to the Ettore tool belt (others too)

  • It increases productivity and speeds up projects

  • Suitable for heavy duty window cleaning projects

Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster - Where to use

When doing large window cleaning projects, you will need to switch from medium size squeegees to large squeegees to reach narrow corners or to clean larger glass panels. It is always handy to have both squeegees right beside your hand. This is where the new Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster comes in handy. Two standard size squeegees will fit the holster and it will allow you to work faster and better. No more coming off and on the ladder to change squeegees. It also reduces the risk of walking on expensive squeegees or dropping it from heights. A proper tool that should not be missing from any window cleaning van.

Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster  - How to use

The Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster is compatible with the Ettore tool belt. The tool belt will fit nicely through the loop at the back of your dual holster and you can tighten it up as tight as you need. The Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster can also be used with a standard trousers belt. The Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster is manufactured from treated heavy duty leather. It will last for many years and it will help you work faster and better. The holster is maintenance free.

Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster - Why use it

When doing jobs under high pressure, you need to move fast and you want easy access to your tools. The new Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster does exactly that. It helps you keep your precious squeegees right beside your hands and it reduces the need to leave the working area to look for more tools. Two standard squeegees will fit perfectly in this dual holster.

To be able to be the best you need to use the best tools and equipment. Ettore manufactures some of the most durable & most efficient window cleaning products in the world. You will know when you are using an Ettore tool. 

Ettore Dual Squeegee Holster

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