Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10Cm

Product Description

Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm

-10 cm, two sides stainless steel blade, blade cover

-manufactured from shock resistant plastic products

-rust free materials, compatible with extension poles

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs

-well priced, highly recommended, easy blade change

Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm

Scrapers come in handy with dealing with stickers, paint on the windows, tape, and other kinds of residue that have adhered to the glass surface. Here, working with the window washer can be a lengthy process, forcing you to spend hours scrubbing at individual spots. On the other hand, with the scraper, you can dislodge the grime with just a few strokes. As such, it is brought in to complement the rest of the cleaning gear including the window washer and squeegee. For this, you want to work with a powerful tool that will speed up the process, while reducing the strain involved. Ettore has developed a wide range of units for the task, and among them is the popular 4-inch ScrapeMaster Window Scraper. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the tool:

Benefits Of The Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm

  1. Effective scraping action

Your main priority is removing the gunk that has stubbornly adhered to the window surface, and for this the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm delivers on its mandate. Its double-edged blades do a great job of removing the construction debris, paint residue stickers and other caked-on residue from the glass surface, clearing it off with simple gliding actions of the hand. 

With its angled head, you get to easily reach those awkward areas, and it also comes with an ergonomic handle that gives you solid grip as you proceed with the task. It’s not just limited to windows. You can use it for other handy tasks around the household, such as removing the burnt-on mess that’s on the glass top stove. That way, you won’t have to keep struggling with razor blades, or using putty knives that would result in damage to the glass surfaces. 

  1. Flexible steel blade

The Danish flexible steel blade of the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm further aids it in its functionality, especially for those troublesome sections. This also increases the durability of the unit, by reducing instances of the blade breaking during use. 

To use the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm, start by washing the window. Soap it up with the cleaning solution. At this stage, tools like window washers are used. This removes the loose debris, allowing you to use the scraper to focus on the stubborn dirt. It also ensures that the glass is wet for the scraping process. Pick your preferred mode of approach. For instance, you can start at the sides of the window, working your way to its centre. 

  1. Protective blade guard

Scrapers are inherently dangerous tools. When handled or stored improperly, they can result in grievous bodily harm. While the onus is upon the user to take extra care when using the scrapers- it doesn’t hurt to have extra help. The design of the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm takes safety measures into account, coming with a protective blade guard, with the signature yellow colour. As such, when not in use, the blade will be safely out of reach. This protects you as you go about the rest of the cleaning task, and also prevents accidents from occurring. 

  1. Works with all Ettore REA-CH poles

Are you dealing with stubborn debris on high rise windows? Simply attach the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm onto an extension pole and get right onto the task. This is actually a time-saving option, from the quick speed with which the scraper can be fixed onto the pole, to the reduced setup time when moving from one window to another- as opposed to working with ladders. What’s more, working from the safety of the ground reduces the risks that are involved with traditional approaches of using ladders or dangling from the roof in suspension gear. With the different REA-C-H poles, you can get to heights ranging from 2 feet as is witnessed with the 1-section model, to as much as 27 feet, when using some of the 3-section models. The diverse range of sizes between these limits gives you an assortment of poles that you can work with, ensuring that you have optimal efficiency when you fix the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm onto the pole. 

  1. Light unit

This reduces the strain and fatigue when carrying out the task. Even when attached to the extension poles, the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm contributes minimal weight to the final assembly, allowing you to focus your effort in removing the stuck-on grime on the windows. 

DOs And DON’Ts Of The Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm

Using a scraper is intended to increase your effectiveness, but mistakes made can be costly to rectify. When used incorrectly, there will be a risk of harm to the windows, and the cleaners themselves. Here are a couple of measures that should be followed when working with this tool:

  • DO use forward stokes when scraping the glass surface. This will be akin to using a plough. Forward motions will be safe for the glass, as opposed to when one pulls back the scraper. This is as the debris that gets trapped under the blade will be dragged across the surface when you pull the scraper backwards, leading to scratches. You should also avoid working with side-to-side motions.

  • DO put the blade guard back in place after you’re done using the scraper.

  • DO store the Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm in a dry place,

  • DO acquire replacement blades. Keep them around, to switch to whenever needed. The replacement blades should be stored in a dry area, out of the reach of children. 

  • DO test whether your window can be safely scraped. This can be done on a section of the window that is inconspicuous, before you proceed to work on the rest of the glass surface. 

  • DON’T use a rusty or blunt blade. Always ensure that the blade of the unit is in proper condition before starting the task. 

  • DON’T run your hand or finger on the blade when testing it. The blade is sharp, and this can result in injury. 

  • DON’T leave the scraper lying around, especially in publish places or areas where children will be able to access it.

Ettore Scraper ScrapeMaster 10 cm

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