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Ettore Squeegee Off

  • Heavy duty commercial & domestic window cleaning soap

  • Cuts through grime and dirt to leave a spotless, streak free finish

  • Low cost and low foam glass and window cleaner from Ettore

  • Highly recommended for professional window cleaning

  • Ammonia free, biodegradable, it will leave no residue on glass

  • It requires a dilution of at least 1 to 100 to provide great results

  • It will clean effortlessly through grime, grease, mould, dust, etc

Ettore Squeegee Off - Where to use

Cheap washing up liquids and grocery shop window cleaners might provide some results on glass but could also burn the frame of the window, create too much foam or leave streaky finishes. All these issues are no more when you are use the new Ettore Squeegee Off. This product is manufactured from ammonia free components, it contains no harsh chemicals and it is 100% biodegradable. The glass surface will be left streak free and spotless. It can be used for washing commercial windows, domestic windows, glass panels, mirrors, glass worktops, glass tiles, highly polished porcelain  floors, etc. The dirt will just evaporate and the glass will look spotless.

Ettore Squeegee Off - How to use

Get your Ettore window cleaning bucket out and fill it with warm water. Add one or two caps of Ettore Squeegee Off to it, mix well and you are ready to go. Soak the Ettore Washer in the solution and scrub the glass well with it. Remove the water with one of Ettores squeegees. Outstanding results guaranteed. The glass will look like new and it will have a nice natural sheen. Professional companies washing commercial windows can add the Ettore Squeegee Off directly onto the washer and wash the windows. 

If you are on the market for an affordable but tough window cleaner made from 100% biodegradable ingredients, you need to check out the new Ettore Squeegee Off. This product will achieve results fast and with minimal effort.

Ettore Squeegee Off

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