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Ettore Super Brush

  • Heavy duty dusting brush from Ettore

  • Compatible with all Ettore reach poles

  • Suitable for dusting walls, frames, pipes

  • It can be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • The swivel handle moves to 180 degrees

  • Eco dusting brush with flagged end bristle

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cleaning

  • 35.5 cm x 12.7 cm, dark grey, very light

Ettore Super Brush - Where to use

Top quality durable dusting brush with flagged end bristle. It can be used for all types of outdoor and indoor dusting projects. Its swivel handle will allow you to reach in all “hard to reach” corners. Manufactured from heavy duty heat resistant plastic. It is compatible with all Ettore Reach Aluminium Poles. Suitable for light domestic cleaning projects but also for heavy duty commercial/industrial dusting projects. The brush can be used for dusting walls, pipes, frames, windows, lights, ceilings, etc. 

Ettore Super Brush - How to use

You do not require special training to be able to use this amazing dusting brush. Just click lock it in one of Ettore Reach Aluminium Poles and start dusting around. You can use the dusting brush on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Its swivel handle will help you reach even the narrowest corners. Many window cleaning contractors use this dusting brush to lightly scrub glass before washing it. It will allow you to remove light dust and general residue from all types of surfaces without scratching the surface. Very light, very well made and reasonably priced.

Ettore Super Brush - Why use it

The brush will enable you to reach areas that are usually inaccessible without a ladder or a scaffold. It reduces the risk of accidents, it speeds up the job and it increases profitability. It makes a lot of financial sense to use the new Ettore Super Brush. 

Use professional cleaning tools and equipment. Work faster and increase your profits by using only proper tools & equipment. Try the new range of Ettore Window Cleaning Products.

Ettore Super Brush

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