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Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14L

  • Very popular universal window cleaning bucket

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

  • Manufactured from shock resistant components

  • 14L, blue colour, very light, stainless steel handle

  • Can be used to store window cleaning equipment

  • Can be used with cold, warm or hot water solution

  • Does not react with UV light - does not discolour

Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14L - Where to use

A professional heavy duty window cleaning bucket from Ettore. Highly regarded within the window cleaning industry for its durability, price and light weight. It can be used for domestic window cleaning jobs and commercial window cleaning jobs. It can be used for window cleaning solutions or to store and carry window cleaning equipment. The window cleaning bucket is manufactured from shock resistant plastic. It will not discolour from UV rays and it will not melt away when used with hot water. Highly recommended for professional use.

Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14L - How to use

While cleaning windows it is essential that you have all your equipment and the cleaning detergent right beside your hands. The last thing you need is to go up and down the ladder the whole day. Most window cleaning contractors use the new Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14L to mix up window cleaning detergents or to store wet sleeves and sharp scrapers. The bucket is large enough to fit all your small essential window cleaning stuff. 

Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14L - Why Ettore

Ettore is one of the world`s biggest manufacturers of heavy duty professional window cleaning equipment and products. The Ettore brand is synonymous with quality. There are very few professional window cleaning contractors that do not use at least one Ettore product. By choosing Ettore, you are investing in proper tools that will reduce your workload and increase profitability.

Ettore Window Cleaning Bucket 14L

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