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Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades

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Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades

  • A light pocket scraper manufactured from shock resistant plastic components

  • The scraper is fitted with an internal blade dispenser that includes 3 sharp blades

  • Suitable for all kinds of professional cleaning & maintenance tasks, retractable blade

  • The cover of the scraper is manufactured from chemical resistant plastic materials

  • It will not rust, it will not crack when dropped, it is highly cost effective and affordable

  • An unique type of pocket scraper that has become very popular with all the trades

  • Great for removing residue from glass, paint from all surfaces, chewing gum, putty

  • The internal blade dispenser can be opened very easy and it can fit up to 3 blades

  • 4 cm, colors available : red or blue, the lightest pocket scraper available in Ireland

Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades | Why Use It

Depending on what type of project you plan to undertake, a plastic pocket scraper could be a much better option. Besides the fact that it costs a fraction of the price of a steel scraper, this plastic pocket scraper can work as good as the most expensive ones. If you are scraping heavy duty paint, chewing gum or putty, then go for a metal pocket scraper, but if you are likely to need a quality scraper to remove adhesive, sticky tape or floor markings, then this Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades is the scraper for you. Light, ergonomic and very versatile. 

Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades | Where To Use It

Wherever you might need to scrape something, you can use the new Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades. The most cost effective and the most affordable pocket scraper on the market. The ideal tool for cleaning all types of glass surfaces, mirrors, polished floors, stainless steel, etc. It can be used for commercial window cleaning services and residential window cleaning services. It can be used for DIY cleaning projects or for heavy duty cleaning projects. A fine quality pocket scraper that won't rust and it won't be affected by acids or alkaline cleaning products.

Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades | How To Use It

The new Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades has a retractable blade. Push the blade up and remove the safety cover. While keeping the pocket scraper at an angle apply some pressure on it and move along scraping the residue. If the residue seems to be too rough, use a softener or a glue remover before using the scraper on it. From time to time check the blade of the scraper to make sure that it is still intact. If the blade looks damaged, please replace it fast to avoid scratching the surfaces. The plastic pocket scraper is sold with 1 blade on and two extra stainless steel blades inside the scraper. Additional stainless steel blades can be purchased from our website.

Need a good quality pocket scraper? Are you planning to undertake a light DIY cleaning project and you do not wish to spend a fortune for a professional metal pocket scraper? Check out the new Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades. You will be truly impressed with it!

Plastic Pocket Scraper With 3 Blades

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