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Metal Pocket Scraper 4 CM

  • A low cost metal pocket scraper with blade suitable for heavy duty use

  • Manufactured from rust proof materials & unaffected by harsh chemicals

  • It has a retractable blade, it is very light, very well made and easy to store

  • The ideal tool for window cleaners, floor cleaners, DIY users & all trades

  • 4 cm, the retractable system is made from highly durable brass materials

  • It can be used for removing chewing gum, putty, paints, adhesive, glues

  • A low cost pocket scraper suitable for light, medium and heavy duty users

  • The blade can be replaced hassle free within a few seconds, fits 4 cm blades

  • One of the most popular pocket scrapers available on the market right now

Metal Pocket Scraper 4 CM | Why Use It

There are specific jobs where a superior quality metal pocket scraper is required and there are specific jobs where a good quality metal pocket scraper is required. The new Metal Pocket Scraper 10 CM would qualify for the second option. A well made but basic pocket scraper manufactured from heavy duty components. The scraper can be used to remove paints, putty, chewing gum or for stripping all kinds of sealants & residue from most surfaces. You do not need to spend a fortune to be able to buy a decent quality metal pocket scraper. Check out the new Metal Pocket Scraper 10 CM and sort out your job faster and for much less than expected.

Metal Pocket Scraper 4 CM | Where To Use It

Wherever you need to scrape some residue from a surface. A budget metal pocket scraper that will enable the user to work faster and cheaper. A low cost metal pocket scraper that can rival even the most expensive scrapers. Many window cleaning companies and floor cleaning companies use this metal pocket scraper on a daily basis. It can be used on pretty much all surfaces to remove chewing gum, putty, adhesives, glues, sticky tape, paints & all other residues from all surfaces. 

Metal Pocket Scraper 4 CM | How To Use It

Using a metal pocket scraper to remove residue sounds like an easy peasy job but you need to remember that you are just about to use a very sharp blade on a highly polished surface. First of all you will need to assess the project requirements. Some very dry residue might require a chemical softener or remover before using a scraper on it. Insisting a lot on a bad stain / residue with a sharp blade can cause surface scratches. If the residue does not move with a gentle touch, then you need to use some type of remover (chewing gum remover, paint remover or glue remover). Allow the remover to soften up the residue and then scrape it off. Remember to check the blades condition regularly to make sure that there are no dents or imperfections on the blade surface. 

Check out our new Metal Pocket Scraper 4 CM. A fine quality metal pocket scraper that will enable you to work faster, better and definitely cheaper. You can order extra blades from our website.

Metal Pocket Scraper 4 CM

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