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Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM

  • Heavy duty pocket scraper fitted with a protective rubber cover

  • 10 cm, retractable blade, manufactured from rust proof materials

  • Highly recommended for heavy duty commercial cleaning jobs

  • Safe to use on glass, stainless steel, all floors, frames, mirrors

  • Very handy for removing chewing gum, adhesive, paint & glue

  • The blade can be replaced within a few seconds hassle free

  • Highly appreciated by the professional window cleaning trade

  • Ergonomic design, very light, easy to store in all narrow spaces

  • Its rubber cover creates great grip even when the surface is wet

  • Sold with a blade dispenser that contains 5 very sharp blades

Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM | Why Use It

If you are in the window cleaning trade, you know how important it is to use a top quality pocket scraper that won't break in the middle of the job. Also important is to make sure that when you use the scraper for heavy duty scrapping, your hand gets a good grip on the pocket scraper. A retractable blade is also essential when you store this particular scraper in your pocket. You get all this and even more when you use the new Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM. It was designed for heavy duty use and it is very affordable. It feels professional, its blade can be exchanged within a few seconds and it is not bothered by harsh chemicals or humidity.

Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM | Where To Use

The new Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM was not made for a particular trade but it is highly preferred by some trades. This professional pocket scraper is highly appreciated by the professional window cleaning industry, and the cleaning industry in general. It can be used for removing adhesives, paint residue, sticky tape, floor markings, paint & all other types of surface scrapping where a very efficient and sharp blade is required to safely remove residue from sensitive surfaces. The new Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM can be used on wet surfaces or for dry scraping. Many residential customers also order this quality pocket scraper to use it for a variety of DIY jobs.

Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM | How To Use

This is a very efficient pocket scraper fitted with a top quality stainless steel blade. You need to be very gentle when you use it on polished surfaces or glass. Some badly impregnated residue might need a chemical remover to soften up the residue and then use the scraper to remove it in full. Always use the pocket scraper at an angle. Take your time and repeat the operation if required. When done with it, retract the blade and store it safely. The blade will need replacement once in a while. By using a bent or damaged blade, you could cause a lot of damage to surfaces. 

If up to now you have used pocket scrapers from different brands, you should try the new and more innovative Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM. This product was designed for hard working people just like you, it is manufactured from the finest quality materials and it is made to help you work faster & better. It does not matter if you are a highly skilled window cleaner or just a DIY user, this top quality pocket scraper will impress you.

Moreman Pocket Scraper 4 CM

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