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Universal Floor & Glass Scraper 

  • A fine quality universal plastic scraper and blades compatible with all surfaces

  • Easily replaceable blade, manufactured from shock resistant plastic components

  • 10 cm blade, the blade is covered with a plastic blade cover, sold with the blade

  • Superior resistance to acids, high PH cleaning products & bleach based cleaners

  • The blade is manufactured from fine quality stainless steel components, no rust

  • Highly recommended for the professional commercial window cleaning industry

  • The floor scraper can be adapted to work in conjunction with an extension pole

  • Much cheaper than similar products from other brands & much more durable

  • The Universal Floor & Glass Scraper is sold with 1 blade, extra blades available

  • This top quality glass & floor scraper is also popular with the domestic market

Universal Floor & Glass Scraper | Why Use It

We do not claim that the new Universal Floor & Glass Scraper is the best glass scraper money can buy, but it does offer amazing results and it lasts for very long periods of time. If you are doing a bit of DIY work or if you are just trying to clean some windows, or remove paint & adhesive from glass, you will really enjoy this glass & floor scraper. It costs 50% less than similar products from other brands. A great reason to purchase this item. Cost effective, easy to use & very well manufactured.

Universal Floor & Glass Scraper | Where To Use

You can use this glass and floor scraper for any type of cleaning project or paint removing job. You can remove sticky tape from glass, you can remove paint drops from floors, glass & frames, you can remove chewing gum from floors and glass, you can remove stickers and floor markings, etc. It is light enough to suit all residential cleaning projects and is heavy duty enough to face commercial jobs. It can be used in conjunction with some chemicals or with pure water. Just remember to put back the blade cover after you are done with the scraper to avoid accidents. Even if the floor scraper is manufactured from water resistant materials, do not leave the scraper inside a bucket of water or cleaning solution for long periods of time.

Universal Floor & Glass Scraper | How To Use

Assess the cleaning project and decide your strategy. Some heavy duty stains like oil based stains or chewing gum, might require some kind of remover before being scrapped away with the new Universal Floor & Glass Scraper. While using the scraper on windows, polished floors or fancy stainless steel surfaces, try to keep the floor scraper at an angle to ensure fast cleaning while not scratching the surface. From time to time, you should assess the blade and if it needs replacing, replace it. Using a bent or damaged blade is not recommended especially when dealing with sensitive surfaces.

Check out the new Universal Floor & Glass Scraper today. We can guarantee outstanding results with this budget friendly item. The blade is extremely sharp so pay attention at all times.

Universal Floor & Glass Scraper 

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