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Window Care With Linen Scrim

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: WS1SQ
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

Linen Scrim 199 GSM

-professional linen scrim suitable for window cleaning

-it will create a streak free finish on glass and mirrors

-highly recommended for commercial window cleaning

-199 GSM, 1 piece only, absorbent, machine washable

Window Care With Linen Scrim

Dust, fingerprints on the windows, grease spots that impede your view of the landscape out of the property- they can be annoying. Window care is a vital part of the routine building maintenance, and it’s an involving process, encompassing cleaning agents, tools like squeegees and scrapers, all through to the clothes that are used to wipe the glass surface. Whether you’re a homeowner taking care of your property, or a professional window cleaner looking to optimise your operations, quality equipment is needed. That way you won’t have a scenario where you’re dealing with smudges that have adhered to the window and refuse to come off, or streaks left behind on the glass- after taking your time to work on the windows in the blistering summer heat or numbing winter cold. The quality of the results is directly affected by the kind of equipment that is used. Units like the Linen Scrim have been developed to enable you to get the sparkling results you desire. 

Are you tired of seeing streaks on the window each time you clean it? These make it look tacky, and are a mockery of the efforts that you have put. Labouring in that hot sun as you worked on the windows, only to end up with unsatisfactory results, can be frustrating. What’s more, any residue that remains behind on the glass surface is a magnet for more dirt, causing the window to get resoiled at a faster rate. You wind up being forced to redo the process much sooner, further putting a strain on your resources. This is not how you want things to go. Get the job done right by ensuring that you have quality tools for the task. Adding the Linen Scrim to your cleaning equipment goes in line with this. 

Review Of The Linen Scrim

First, there is the absorbency. You want a product that can lift the dirt particles, smudges and liquid that is on the glass surface, and the Linen Scrim delivers on its mandate. It is an absorbent material, and after the cleaning you can proceed to launder it in your washing machine. The product is suitable for wet cleaning- where it is used while damp, and for polishing the glass surfaces- when used dry. The overlocked square pattern ensures that there won’t be streaks left behind on the window. For home and business owners, it accentuates the property, adding to its appeal. Whether it is during the routine maintenance and you’re simply looking to have the place welcoming and comfortable to be in, or you’re preparing to have guests over and are looking to make an impression with sparkling windows that enhance the curb appeal, working with the Linen Scrim will enable you achieve it. For business owners, the image that is portrayed by the state of the windows actually has an impact on the trust and confidence that your customers will have about your products and services. Maintaining them in an elegant condition will show that you care about the intricate details of your enterprise, winning them over. This is as opposed to having grimy and soiled windows that would be an instant turn off. Investing in quality window cleaning gear goes a long way in ensuring that the task gets carried out appropriately. 

When it comes to size, the Linen Scrim clocks 91 x 91cm. This means you get to cover more surface area with each wipe, and you can fold it during application as you see fit. The large size doesn’t mean that the cloths are heavy. In fact, the 199gsm and 284gsm weights make them light and convenient to work with. This adds to the efficiency of the cleaning process. 

This cloth has been particularly developed with the professional window cleaners in mind. When running your business, you want an efficient tool, a reduction in operation costs, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of the results in order to satisfy your customers. A happy customer means continued business for your brand. You get to achieve that with the Linen Scrim. From the functionality of the product, to its affordable price tag and convenient packaging where a pack comes with 10 of the cloths, you will be in a position to purchase sufficient quantities to allow your window cleaning operations to run smoothly. 

Window Care With Linen Scrim

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