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Plastic Scraper Red

Plastic Scraper Red

  • Professional quality plastic red scraper from Craftex

  • Suitable for removing chewing gum & silicon from floors

  • Manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plastic

  • Sharp enough to remove sticky gum without scratches

  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning projects

  • 10 cm wide, red colour, UV ray safe, very light & solid

  • Highly recommended for floor & glass cleaning industry

Plastic Scraper Red - Where to use

Very sharp steel blades can remove impregnated chewing gum from flat surfaces but can also scratch the floor and remove the finish. To avoid such issues you should invest in a red plastic scraper. This handy little tool will safely remove chewing gum in one easy move without the risk of damaging the floor. The blade is very sharp but not as sharp as a steel blade. The same scraper can be used on glass to remove sticky tape, stickers, blu tack, silicone and paints. A must have universal plastic scraper for those jobs where the surface is very delicate or easily damaged.

Plastic Scraper Red - How to use

You need to use a professional chewing gum remover or a silicone remover to soften up the chewing gum before removal. Then apply the sharp edge of the scraper flat on the surface and tap the spot until you see the chewing gum exfoliating bit by bit. Remove the large part then do one more light scrub to remove the fine residue from the surface. Job done.

A professional company can make jobs look easy because they use proper equipment and chemicals. With the right tools and proper knowledge, you can achieve professional results in your own home. Try the new plastic red scraper today and work safer and risk free. The plastic cannot rust and is harsh chemical safe.

Plastic Scraper Red

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