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Plastic White Scraper

  • Low cost professional plastic scraper from Craftex

  • Suitable for removing chewing gum from surfaces

  • The ideal tool for the floor & glass cleaning industry 

  • 7.5 cm, white plastic, it cannot rust, shock resistant

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs

  • Manufactured from heavy duty plastic components

Plastic White Scraper - Where to use

A highly recommended professional plastic scraper for most industries. The scraper has a sharp blade that can be used to scrape all types of sensitive surfaces without causing any surface damage. It can be used on polished floors, windows, desks, furniture, stainless steel, tiles, etc. As efficient as stainless steel blades but with less risk of surface damage. It can be used for removing chewing gum, silicone, blue tac, paints, residue, etc. The scraper is manufactured from shock & heat resistant plastic and it will not discolorate in contact with UV rays.

Plastic White Scraper - How to use

If the residue that you are trying to remove is very hard, you will need to use some type of chemical to soften it up. Craftex Chewing Gum Remover or Craftex Acetone Glue Removers are two of the most efficient chewing gum & glue residue removers. Apply the chemical, allow up to 5 minutes to react and soften up the stain and then use the white plastic scraper to remove it. Using the sharp side of the scraper blade put some pressure on the spot. Some thick chewing gum spots might require a number of cleans to fully remove it. The scraper will help exfoliate the stain and it will facilitate easy removal.

For sensitive surfaces and soft floors you need to use the white plastic scraper. The product is light, ergonomic and very affordable. You will achieve great results without damaging any surface. 

Plastic White Scraper

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