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Ettore Scrapemaster Scraper Blades 

  • Professional stainless steel blades compatible with Ettore Scrapemaster Scraper

  • Manufactured from heavy duty chemical resistant and rust-proof components

  • 10 cm, dual side blades, accurate sharpened, very durable and very well priced

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial window cleaning & domestic window cleaning

  • The perfect blades for removing fine paints, glue, adhesive, sticky tape, blu tack

  • Sold in packs of 10 blades clearly labeled with Ettore logo, EU manufactured

Ettore Scrapemaster Scraper Blades  - Where to use

The Ettore Scrapemaster Glass Scraper is one of the most popular glass and window cleaning scrapers in the world. The Ettore Scrapemaster Scraper Blades are the only blades that fit this particular scraper. The blades are dual sided, manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel components, chemical resistant, rust-proof and highly recommended for commercial window cleaning projects. The blades can be used to remove paint, glue, mortar, adhesive & all other types of residue from glass, mirrors, floors, etc. Due to their amazing sharpness, the blades can safely remove all types of residue without scratching the surface.

Ettore Scrapemaster Scraper Blades - How to use

If Ettore Scrapemaster Glass Scraper does not scrape well any longer, it means that the blades are ready for replacing. Unscrew the screw that holds the blade tight, pull out the old blade and install a new one. Screw it back tight and you are ready for work. The blades are made for heavy duty use but how long they last depends on the type of project that you plan to undertake. Always scrape glass wet. Take your time and only deal with small areas at one time.

Check out the whole range of Ettore scrapers and Ettore window cleaning products. Premium quality window cleaning products suitable for heavy duty professional use. To be the best you need to use the best tools.

Ettore Scrapemaster Scraper Blades 

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