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-high quality single edge stainless steel blades

-available in packs of 100 blades (paper covered)

-it will fit most pocket scraper and safety scrapers

-recommended for commercial and domestic use

-sharp, long lasting, safe and very cost effective

Scraping Your Windows With The Single Edge Blades 100 Pack

It’s a simple and straightforward process. Pick a blade from the Single Edge Blades 100 Pack and fix it into the scraper. When ready, follow these steps:

1. Wet the glass you're working on. You can even add a lubricant soap.

2. Evenly apply pressure as you hold the blade flat against the glass. Note that you should only push it forward, never pulling it back.

3. It’s recommended you start working with the edges, going around the window till you form a clear and distinct border. Thereafter, work on the rest of the glass with a top to bottom approach.

4. Proceed with the rest of the cleaning, like using a squeegee to remove the flaked-off particles.

When it comes to the edges, approach them cautiously- that way you won’t end up cutting caulk or even damaging the frames. In addition, should the glass dry up in the middle of the scraping, simply wet it again.

Benefits Of The Single Edge Blades 100 Pack

1. Quick scraping tools

These handy blades easily remove the gunk that has stuck onto the windows- from the cement splashes during construction that grab onto the glass, the residue after you remove stickers and foils from car windows or the display windows on retail stores, paint that ended up on the windows during construction and renovation projects, all through to the gunk on enamel stovetops, your bathtub, polycarbonate windows and even your vehicle's headlights. The Single Edge Blades 100 Pack can also be used when removing film from windows. The blades will lift the film right off the glass. Speaking of which, you should avoid scraping windows that have film tint unless your goal is actually removing the film.

2. Compact

Using the Single Edge Blades 100 Pack with a single edge scraper is a breeze. Its compact size makes it fit well into the hand, and reduces the effort needed when working on the windows. In fact, the size and ergonomic nature of the setup are key factors behind their popularity amongst window cleaners.

3. Safe for your glass

Household items like razor blades, box cutters, metal putty knives, flat screwdrivers and even scratchy pads will damage the windows. Your goal is to get rid of the gunk on the glass, not create scratches on it. With the Single Edge Blades 100 Pack, you won’t have to worry about that. The blades have been specifically designed for use on windows, and with the proper application, the hard, caked-on debris will come right off without risking the underlying glass.

4. Multipurpose

The Single Edge Blades 100 Pack can be used for different applications. These range from getting rid of the caked on grime on the windows, to removing the paint and varnish residue from furniture and wooden sashes. The blades are effective on household surfaces like the kitchen countertops and washroom tiles, to automotive windows and ceramic surfaces. Whether it's stubborn particles on your car's headlights, or dried food and candle wax on vinyl, laminate, and ceramic surfaces, you can turn to the Single Edge Blades 100 Pack to get them off.

5. Pocket-friendly

Each Single Edge Blades 100 Pack purchase gets to take you for the long haul. For starters, the blades are durable, and can be used for multiple cleaning sessions. Secondly, 100 blades are plenty to go around. This, in addition to the affordable price tag, enables you to make savings in your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance operations.

Ettore Single Edge Blades 100 Pack

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