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-very light & easy to use sleeve & t-bar from Unger

-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

-light, ergonomic, durable & very cost effective system

-the microfiber sleeve can be machine washed

-one of the most popular window cleaning system

StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac Review

Crystal clean windows will make both the interior and exterior of your home more appealing. You get a welcoming curb appeal each time you pull up your driveway, and more natural sunlight gets to bathe the interior space. Getting rid of those dust layers that have formed on the glass panes enables you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outdoors, and allows efficient flow of heat through the windows. By brightening up the mood of the household, you get a more comfortable and relaxing ambience. The same case applies to commercial establishments, where you want conducive working conditions for your employees. Image is also key here, since the state of the windows will give your customers an opinion of how the operations are conducted within the business. Whether you’re looking to impress houseguests at home or amping up the appearance of your business premises, getting the right equipment for the cleaning task is vital. You want tools that you can rely on to deliver a thorough clean when it comes to your windows, getting rid of the grime while protecting the underlying structure. That's what you get with the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac

Benefits Of The StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac

1. Superior cleaning action

The enhanced cleaning power that you get with the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac is due to the microfiber sleeve. The fibres pick up dirt particles that are even too small for the eyes to see. It's all attributed to the Van der Waal’s forces of attraction that are generated when the sleeve passes over the surface. These are the same forces that enable a gecko to walk upside-down on ceilings, and is generated by the thousands of tiny hairs on their feet. For the cleaning, it means that the dust, allergens, and other particles are removed from the window surface with ease, resulting in a quality clean and enhancing the health standards of the establishment. The sleeve also comes with a side scrub for those stubborn sections that have heavy build-ups of grime that need to be scrubbed off. That way, you get to achieve quality results with the same cleaning tool.

2. Highly absorbent

Firstly, the microfiber material itself has one of the highest rates of absorption, hence its popularity within the cleaning industry. It is used across the scope, from cloths to mops, to work on countertops, walls, floors, mirrors, desks, sinks, and even in health care establishments. The material is able to absorb water 6 times its own weight. This feature is part of the reason why it has been selected for use with the sleeve of the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac. It soaks up the cleaning solution after you dip it into it and proceed to work on the window. The dirt and grime that is lifted off the surface is held within the fibres of the sleeve, and locked in until it is time for it to be cleaned. This also means that the particles won’t end up being redistributed on the surface being worked on.

3. Safe cleaning

The StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac will get rid of the dirt particles on the windows without putting the underlying structure at risk. It's soft yet effective, allowing you to take care of your windows without forming scratches. You get to end up with streak-free results, accentuating the beauty of your establishment.

4. Ergonomic build

The lightweight T-bar of the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac washer is designed for comfort when cleaning. You get to use it without putting yourself under strain. It comes in two sizes: 14"/35cm, and 18"/45cm. That way, you can be able to work with the unit that best suits your needs. It can also be used with extension poles, which come in handy when you want to work on high-rise windows, and other sections that are hard-to-reach. This is actually a safer approach, compared to conventional means such as using ladders, which put you at risk. When you fix the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac to the Unger telescopic poles, you get to carry out the cleaning from the safety of the ground, which also means that you can work on more windows at a faster rate, while still ensuring that you do a thorough job.

5. Eco-friendly cleaning

With the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac, you get to remove the dirt from your windows and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. This is because it enables you to clean without relying on chemicals. In fact, water is usually the only solvent required for the process. This has the welcome benefit of cutting down on your window cleaning expenses

6. Easy to maintain

Maintenance is a breeze, hence you get to keep the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac around for the long haul. Simply launder the sleeve after you’re done with the cleaning, and wipe down the T-bar before storage. The sleeve itself can be machine washed up to 500 times.

Taking Care Of Your StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac

Proper maintenance is key in order to prolong the life of your equipment. The same case applies for the washer, especially when it comes to the sleeve. For instance, you should always wash it after use. Rinsing it with warm water will be enough to remove the gunk that is stuck in the material. You can also use detergents, but ensure that they are not bleach-based. Bleach is a threat to the material, and will damage the fibres. Also avoid using fabric softeners or drying sheets, as they will ruin the ability of the microfibers to pick up the particles from the surfaces that the StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac will be used to work on. After you’re done washing it, allow it to air dry. Do not wash the sleeve together with cloths, towels and other materials that contain lint. The lint will end up getting stuck within the weaves of the sleeve, cutting down on its effectiveness. The nature of the microfiber works to speed up the drying process. You can also use a drying cycle with your machine for this, only ensure that you have it on a low setting.

Unger StripWasher ® MicroStrip Pac

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