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Unger ErgoTec Scraper 4"/10cm

-heavy duty universal glass & floor scraper

-made from very tough plastic components

-suitable for removing paint & glue from floors

-it comes with a safe plastic blade cover

-the scraper can be fitted with a handle

Unger ErgoTec Floor Scraper 4"/10cm Review

Scraping is a common aspect of cleaning tasks. It’s necessary for those bits of gunk that have dried onto the surface and refuse to budge despite efforts of a thorough scrubbing. It may be on your windows, walls, or even floors. For instance, you may have put up advertisements on your shop front windows to attract customers. With changing seasons and market trends, or when you have a new product that you want to promote, you decide to take down the current ad. Problem is the stickers used tend to adhere to the glass. Sometimes the glue is so strong that as you pull out the posters and banners, some material gets ripped and remains on the window. Such scenarios, plus getting the insect gunk, hardened soiling and other substances on the windows of your residential or commercial establishment requires quality products. That’s where this floor scraper comes in.

Benefits Of The Unger ErgoTec Floor Scraper 4"/10cm

1. Ergonomic

It’s designed to be easy to use. It comes with an ergonomic handle design that allows you to have a firm grip as you go about the cleaning, which is especially vital since there's bound to be some water involved. That way, you won’t need to worry about the the floor scraper slipping out of your hands if and when they get wet. The comfortable usage also means that your hands won’t be cramping like when you use the other conventional methods such as box cutters and putty knives.

2. Heavy metal head

The scraper is built for tough. Its heavy metal head enables it to withstand both light and heavy usage without structural failure. Whether you simply want to use it to get the dried smudges off your car’s headlights, or scrape off the cement that's hardened onto the windows of a newly constructed building, it is up to the task. It lasts for long, with all you will be required to do is to change the blades themselves.

3. Reversible blade

It comes with a reversible sharp/blunt blade. Thus, you can use it when scraping off the gunk on the glass windows (with the sharp side), and scrape off heavy soiling (with the blunt side).

Using The Unger ErgoTec Floor Scraper 4"/10cm

It's simple to use, and you don’t require any special training. Simply wet the surface you’re working on, then proceed to scrape off the grime. Making the surface wet achieves two goals: One, it lubricates the glass, making the work easier for you and reducing the risks of scratching the surface. Two, it causes the scraped-off particles to stick together, instead of flaking off everywhere and creating a mess.

Scrape with forward motion, and avoid any side-to-side movements, or, worse still, pulling back the blade. This may cause you to drag some of the scraped debris under the blade, which will scratch the surface.

It's recommended that you scrape in paths, in short sections. Don’t go scraping continuously from one end to the next. Swipe forward, lift the blade from the surface, and pull back the floor scraper (in the air) then swipe again.

Unger ErgoTec Floor Scraper 4"/10cm

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