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  • Professional window cleaning tools from Unger

  • Manufactured from stainless steel, plastic & rubber

  • Compatible with all types of channel rubbers

  • Light, ergonomic, durable and very cost effective

  • Compatible with most types of extension poles

Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip Review

Using a squeegee is one of the fun parts of the window cleaning process. Gliding the blade across the glass surface has a relaxing feel. You still want quality results in the end though. The success of the process depends on the quality of the tools employed. The squeegee is assembled from different parts, each having their role to play. The rubber blade is the part which comes into contact with the glass. The channel holds the rubber in place, and typically features clips that ensure that the blade is secured. The tension of the rubber can be adjusted too. Squeegees can come with features like the swivel which can also be adjusted to how loose or firm you desire it to be. Then there's the handle itself, which holds the channel. You want a handle that enables you to work comfortably, while still providing firm support for the rest of the squeegee. That's where the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip comes in.

Benefits Of The Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip

• Designed for comfort

With the wet conditions that are typical of window cleaning, you don’t want your equipment slipping out of your hands. Not only would it be messy and an inconvenience, but accidents could also happen. With the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip, you won’t have to worry about that. It has a bi-component handle, which is lightweight and has a natural feel in your hands, and the rubber gives you a strong grip. You can also get it in the larger XL version, which comes with an extra 2.5cm to its length.

• Fast set up

Usage is a breeze. The Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip features a quick and easy replacement of the channel to be attached, firmly securing it. When you fix the rubber blade onto the channel, you're good to go. Clocking in at 2.5kg, it doesn’t take up much effort to use, which reduces your workload.

• Extend your reach with telescopic poles

When working on those high-rise windows, you can fix the Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip onto poles for easier access. It will safely attach to the ErgoTec Locking Cone adapter for a secure fit. This widens the scope of tools that you can use it with, including Unger's range like the TelePlus, UniTec and OptiLoc pole systems for a lock-on clip. The adapter can also be used with any pole that uses the ACME screw on-style thread, or those that work with a tapered-end pressure fit.

Unger ErgoTec Squeegee Grip

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