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Striat Window Washer With Abrasive Side 45 CM

  • Product Code: 2429
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-very efficient winwash cover with abrasive strip

-suitable for commercial heavy duty window cleaning

-compatible with all standard 45 cm t-bar winwash

-made from chemical resistant plastic components

-light, ergonomic, durable & very well priced tool

45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip Review

A good workman is his tools. This principle applies across the scope, from farming all through to the cleaning industry. For you to get rid of the dirt and grime on the surfaces of your residential or commercial premises, your efficiency depends on the products that you work with. When it comes to windows, you also need to factor in the fragile nature of the glass. You want to remove the dirt and grime that is coating the surface, plus those abhorrent insect waste particles dotting the windows, without creating scratch marks on it. Damages can be costly to repair, and in many cases, you’re forced either to live with the effects of the mistakes or replace the windows themselves. You don’t want to find yourself in such a situation. For the cleaning itself, you also don’t want to spend much energy and time on the process. As such, when acquiring your equipment, quality and performance are key factors to consider. You can get both with the 45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip.

Why You Should Add The 45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip To Your Cleaning Arsenal

1. Effective cleaning action

First, you want a product that actually gets your windows clean. One that you can rely on to wipe the residue and solutions off the glass and leave behind a streak-free shine. That’s what you get when you incorporate the 45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip into your cleaning task. The abrasive strip increases the efficacy of the process, especially when it comes to those particles that are stuck onto the surface and need extra power to wipe off. It does this without putting the structural integrity of the glass at risk.

2. Multi-surface cleaner

The 45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip is as tough as they come. This makes it useful for cleaning more than just the windows in your establishment. You can use it to work on the walls and even on the ceiling. After you’re done, simply detach it from the T handle and give it a thorough wash, in preparation for the next round of cleaning. Its 45sm length means it’s compatible with the 45cm plastic T handles.

3. Replace your worn out sleeves

Maintenance of your cleaning equipment means replacing the sections that get worn out over time after frequent cleaning sessions. Fortunately, you won’t need to toss away the entire T-bar washer system. Simply take out the worn out sleeve and replace it with the 45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip. Then you can continue with your operations. That way, you also get to save on costs.

4. Economical

Its very nature as a replacement part makes it a budget-friendly accessory since you get to ensure that your equipment performs optimally without needing to completely overhaul your entire cleaning equipment. Hence, you can use multiple 45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip units with the T-Bar Window washer supports that are already in your toolkit. In addition, it's affordably priced, enabling you to get a quality product without denting your wallet. The strong, durable nature enables the sleeves to last for long, further cutting down on your establishment’s cleaning and maintenance budget.

45 Cm Winwash Cover With Abrasive Strip

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