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-premium professional aluminium t-bar 

-build from quality aluminium components

-plastic handle with special easy hand grip

-recommended for commercial & domestic

-very well priced & very cost effective product

A Look At The Winwash T-Bar

Who doesn’t want clean windows? How else will you get to enjoy the view outside your property, and let in the sunlight without being disrupted by streaks and smudges on the glass? From personal comfort in your own home to giving your business premises a professional image, window cleaning is crucial for any establishment. Even realtors get to enhance the curb appeal of the property they are trying to sell by simply having the windows being sparkly clean. However, you don’t want to spend hours on the task. To make the process less of a chore, you need proper equipment. This ranges from the squeegees to the T-bar style window scrubber, which comes with removable sleeves that can be washed once they get dirty. For the latter, turn to the Winwash T-Bar.

Benefits Of The Winwash T-Bar

1. Strong build

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for window cleaning tools that will last for long, a business owner in the market for equipment that can handle the daily window cleaning demands of your commercial establishment, or a cleaning company that works on multiple windows for clients in both residential and commercial settings, the Winwash T-Bar is the tool for you. Its durable aluminium structure enables it to handle the workload and enhances its life, which has the additional benefit of cutting down your expenses. Even its plastic handle is sturdy. Whether you’re gripping it directly as you clean those short windows, or fixing the Winwash T-Bar to the extension pole when you have large windows or those high-rise ones that are far out, the structure can handle the workload for repeated cleaning.

2. Multi-compatibility

When you have different sleeves for the washing, perhaps because you want to designate them to their specific sections of the building- or you simply want to change to new sleeves, you can use the same Winwash T-Bar for the different sleeves- from red or white stripe sleeves to the polar standard sleeve. It also works with extension poles of different lengths, allowing you to have the setup that suits your unique window cleaning needs.

3. Prevents wear on the sleeves

With the Winwash T-Bar, you also get to protect the sleeves that are being used for the cleaning process. It's designed to fit them and minimise wear as you carry out the cleaning, giving you more usage out of the products you purchase. This also aids in retaining the cleaning efficacy of the sleeves, allowing you to have effective results each time.

4. Easy to use

Working with the Winwash T-Bar is a walk in the park. Its light, and you barely use any effort as you clean the windows. It also has an easy-grip handle. This is beneficial when you're setting up, like attaching the sleeves or fixing it to the extension pole. It also makes it easy to work when your hands are all wet and you want to modify the set-up, or for those times when you're working on the short windows and you’re not using the extension pole.

5. Budget-friendly

You don’t want a bloated window cleaning budget. The affordable pricing of the Winwash T-Bar enables you to keep things in check. Moreover, its diverse compatibility with different sleeves and extension poles, means that you won’t need to fill your store with all sorts of bars. This further reduces your costs, while its durability and effectiveness gives you more value out of your purchase.

Aluminium T-Bar Winwash 
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