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45 cm Winwash T Bar Only

-heavy duty commercial & domestic t-bar winwash

-build from very strong & flexible plastic components

-it will fit all 45 cm winwash covers from all brands

-light body & super chemical resistance guaranteed

-made by the famous brand TTS Window Cleaning

Efficient Cleaning With The 45 cm Winwash T Bar

They are the eyes into the home, and you want them to be sparkling. Windows are critical to the ambience of any establishment. From letting in the sunlight and giving you a view outside the property, all through to determining the curb appeal of the building, you want them to remain elegant. That way you can be proud of your home as you pull up the driveway, enjoy its comfort as you relax with your family indoors, and impress the customers coming to your business premises. The cleanliness of the windows is also vital for its structural integrity. Dirt building up on the windows increases the risk of damage, from the glass to the frames and sills. Regular cleaning is needed to keep them looking and performing optimally. As such, you need effective cleaning systems, from the solutions used to tools like the 45 cm Winwash T Bar.

Why You Should Invest In The 45 cm Winwash T Bar

1. Durable structure

Window cleaning is a regular task, and you want equipment that can remain reliable over numerous sessions. That way you can focus on getting the glass really clean, not worrying about your tools wearing down or getting damaged by heavy use. With the 45 cm Winwash T Bar, you won't have to fret. The plastic body can handle the workload that comes with residential and commercial window cleaning. This is also a welcome bonus for the window cleaning companies that handle multiple establishments every day. In addition, the 45 cm Winwash T Bar has a robust frame, which comes in handy to protect the sleeves from wearing down.

2. Flexible cleaning

Whether you want to simply work on those short windows, or fix it to an extension pole for the high-rise windows, the 45 cm Winwash T Bar will be up for it. This allows you to work with the mode that’s most convenient for your particular situation. What’s more, the 45 cm Winwash T Bar is compatible with polar standard sleeves plus the red/white sleeves. As such, you can assign different sleeves for unique windows in the building, while using the same 45 cm Winwash T Bar to work with them. This further reduces your establishment's cleaning and maintenance budget.

3. Lightweight and easy to work with

Window cleaning doesn’t have to be an arduous chore that expends loads of energy. The ergonomic nature of the 45 cm Winwash T Bar aids in making the processes a breeze. Its light, allowing you to easily work on the windows, and it also has a firm grip that enables you to retain your hold even when your hands are wet. This is also useful when fixing the 45 cm Winwash T Bar to the extension pole.

4. Pocket-friendly

The 45 cm Winwash T Bar brings you more cost savings with its affordable price tag. In addition, its compatibility with multiple extension poles and sleeves allows you to slash down the costs that you would have incurred filling your storage with cleaning supplies.

45 cm Winwash T Bar Only

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