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Cotton Dustmate Kit

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: KIT801
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Cotton Dustmate Kit


All you need to be able to dust all types of commercial & domestic floors

The kit contains the frame, two piece handle & the microfiber dusting pad

Suitable to use on vinyl, marmoleum, vinyl, tile, wood & laminate flooring

The handle is manufactured from stainless steel and the pad is washable

It will attract even the finest grain of dust, a quick way of dusting all floors

Its ergonomic frame & handle will enable the user to reach narrow areas

Available in 40 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm. Well priced and top quality 100%

It speeds up dusting projects and it helps remove dust from awkward areas


Cotton Dustmate Kit  - Where to use


Fine dust is a problem that buildings with high footfall have. The dust can hide under the chairs, under the presses, in all narrow corners, on the stairs, etc. Vacuuming a high traffic floor during the rush hours is an impossible task so something better has to be used to sort out the problem. Check out the new Cotton Dustmate Kit  and get ready to be impressed. A versatile and ergonomic dusting system that requires no electricity and no user training. Just use the flat mopping system and the fluffy microfiber mop head to remove small & medium dust particles from all types of surfaces. The microfiber fluffy head will attract and store even the finest particles of dust. Medium and large dust particles and other types of debris can be moved into a corner and vacuumed off from there. Fast, easy to use and highly efficient. No need to stop the traffic and no need to use any other types of dusters. It can be used on all types of even and semi even surfaces. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


Cotton Dustmate Kit - How to use


Select the proper size Cotton Dustmate Kit  for your particular job and start dusting the floor. Start from one corner and go all the way to the other corner of the building. De dust the microfiber mop head and start again. Fine dust will attach to the microfiber head. Larger pieces of paper, hair, etc, can be pushed into a corner and removed at a later stage. The microfiber dusting head can be machine washed many times over.


The Cotton Dustmate Kit will help you complete the job faster and cause less disruption . Use the small dusting tool for domestic & small offices and use the larger dusting frames for large commercial/industrial projects. Work faster and better with the new Cotton Dustmate Kit.


Cotton Dustmate Kit

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