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-pure paper kitchen cleaning roll

-suitable for commercial & domestic

-2 ply, 250 mm x 250 mm, 100% pure

-very absorbent & very durable

-available in boxes x 24 rolls per box

Couch Roll 10" x 24" Review

Couch rolls are designed to offer an economical and environmental means of keeping surfaces clean, from medical centres to spas and massage parlours. Placed on the working surface, such as the massage table, they provide an enhanced sanitary approach, since they are tossed away after the appointment, together with the germs and fluids that they have absorbed- just like tissues. There are utility, cost, and environmental factors that come in when selecting the product of choice for your establishment. The Couch Roll 10" x 24" brings quality and effectiveness on board. Here is what the roll has to offer:

Benefits Of The Couch Roll 10" x 24"

1. High strength
The Couch Roll 10" x 24" is made using 2-ply paper, that's 18.5gsm per ply. This gives the sheets a high wet strength, thus they don't rip or break away easily. Even the perforations themselves are strong, ensuring that they only rip when intended- like when cutting off the length of the roll that is to be used for a particular session, but not while the client is moving on the couch.

2. Hygienic process
The hygienic nature of the Couch Roll 10" x 24" makes it a popular choice for the medical and beauty industry. It's pulled over the bed or seat (referred to as couch) that the client or patient lies on, creating a barrier between the individual and the couch. The roll is placed at either end of the couch, and then pulled over it to the desired length. It's ripped off at the perforated section. Once the session is done, the used sheet is then discarded, the couch cleaned, and a new sheet of the Couch Roll 10" x 24" used. This greatly cuts down the risk of cross-contamination between the clients or patients using the couch.

3. Eco-friendly choice
The 100% pure cellulose Couch Roll 10" x 24" is a green product, enabling you to meet your needs while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. What's more, each of the sheets from the rolls can go into the recycling bin after use, further reducing your impact on the environment. Running an environmentally conscious establishment also has the welcome benefit of attracting more clients to your services.

4. Reduced opperation costs
With fresh towels, each session requiring one towel for the couch and another for the client, you can end up running your washing machine all through the day, racking up your operation costs. This is because the towels will need to be rewashed after each session, which consumes more resources. By using the Couch Roll 10" x 24", you will be cutting down on the energy bills, since each will be discarded after use. The cases themselves are affordable, and each case comes with 24 of the rolls. A pallet has 24 of the cases, enabling you to acquire the amount that suits your establishment's needs. They also occupy less space within the medical or beauty and wellness centre, with each pallet being 800mm x 1200mm x 2100mm. These factors come together to make the Couch Roll 10" x 24" a budget-friendly choice, without compromising on quality.

Couch Roll 10" x 24"

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