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 Craftex Carpet Cleaner

-highly concentrated liquid carpet cleaning shampoo

-suitable to wash all types of carpets & upholstery

-designed to be used with all water extraction systems

-superb stain & spot removing capabilities

-one of the most affordable carpet cleaning shampoos

-very low foam carpet cleaning detergent


Craftex Carpet Cleaner - Where to use

This high quality carpet cleaning shampoo can be used on all types of carpets. Suitable for upholstery, rug, mattress, curtain, sofa cleaning as well. Craftex Carpet Cleaner is a very low ph product and very low foam as well. It will deep clean with ease and it will leave no residue on the carpet. Craftex Carpet Cleaner can be used with all known carpet extraction systems. Efficient, cheap and eco friendly. Superb spot removing qualities.


Craftex Carpet Cleaner - How to use

Craftex Carpet Cleaner can be used with hot and cold water extraction machines. Very efficient even in areas with hard water. Mix up the right dilution and clean your carpets as usual. One single go should remove all the dirt but a second go could be required for very dirty areas. Pre spray could be required on carpets that are badly stained.


Craftex Carpet Cleaner - Dilution

What makes this product so good, it is its high dilution. 1 l of Craftex Carpet Cleaner should be enough to make enough carpet cleaning solution to clean the carpets in 2 three bed houses. If the carpet is not that dirty, please use a dilution of 1 to 100. If the carpet is very dirty, please use a dilution of 1 to 50. Using hot water is always better for carpet cleaning.


Craftex Carpet Cleaner - Cost effective

This product is so small and it can mix up so much solution. If you have a customer that is looking for liquid carpet cleaning shampoo only, there is no better solution than Craftex Carpet Cleaner. It will cost around 3 euro in carpet cleaning shampoo to deep clean the carpets in a 3 bed house. Many domestic customers that own carpet cleaning equipment will find this product good. Cheap, high dilution and very effective.


One of the best carpet cleaning shampoos that money can buy. Suitable for people with allergies. If you require more information about Craftex Carpet Cleaner, please call us or email us.


Craftex Carpet Cleaner - outstanding results for less!

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