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 Coffee Stain Remover 1L

  • Heavy duty coffee stain remover suitable for professional use

  • Safe to use on all types of carpets, sofas, rugs, mattresses, etc

  • A ready to use, PH 4, heavy duty coffee/tannin stain remover

  • To be applied to the stain for at least 10-15 min & then extracted

  • To be 100% sure of compatibility, pre-testing is recommended

  • Not safe to use on silk, wool and general all types of antique rugs

  • The product requires basic knowledge and proper equipment

  • Efficient on most types of coffee, tea, red wine stains and tannin

Coffee Stain Remover 1L - Where to use

A high active and highly efficient coffee stain remover from Craftex. The coffee stain remover can be safely used on most carpets, upholstery, sofas, mattresses & chairs. The product contains a strong ammonia odour so it is recommended that you only work in well ventilated areas. Coffee Stain Remover 1L provides amazing results on old & new coffee stains, some tea stains, red wine stains, tannin, food stains, etc. Pre-testing is highly recommended to avoid discolorations and other reactions. The surface that you plan to treat could be sealed with some kind of protector that could react in contact with ammonia. 

Coffee Stain Remover 1L - How to use

Identify the stained area and wet the stain. Apply the product undiluted to the stain and allow up to 10-15 min to react. After 10-15 min, scrub the stain well with a soft upholstery brush and extract the waste with a carpet/sofa cleaning machine. Some very old coffee stains might require a number of treatments before noticeable results are achieved. Some coffee stains are unremovable regardless of what type of product you use.

Remove coffee stains as they happen. The chances of removing a coffee stain in full if the stain is treated within a few minutes is pretty high. The chances of fully removing an old coffee stain can stand around 50%. This product was designed for professional use only. Do not mix the product with other active ingredients and wear gloves when using.

Coffee Stain Remover 1L

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