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-powerful enzyme digester in liquid form with a pleasant perfume

-suitable for treating enzyme stains on carpets and upholstery

-to be used as a pre-spray or spotter for blood, grease, food, egg

-also suitable for treating bad odours on carpets, sofas, rugs, etc

-suitable for domestic and commercial enzyme removing jobs

-for better results, please dilute this products to at least 1 to 5


Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution - Where to use

Blood stains and old food stains are not easy to remove from carpets, upholstery, rugs, curtains, sofass, etc. Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution is one of the very few products that assure full removal of enzyme stains. This product is safe to use even on very sensitive surfaces. Please do a small test in a corner before using it. It will remover stains with ease and it will refresh any surface that gets treated with this product. Highly efficient product.


Craftex Pre-Enzyme Solution - How to use

This product is suitable for domestic and commercial use. You do not need to use professional equipment to be able to treat enzyme stains. Just dilute the product 1 to 5 and spray it all over the affected area. Allow up to 10 minutes to work and scrub it with a semi hard brush. Dry the surface with a carpet cleaning machine or a dry towel. Repeat the operation if required. For heavy duty stains reduce the dilution to 1 to 2. Very old enzyme stains might not be removable in full but it can be improved for sure.



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