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- professional coarse powder suitable for cleaning carpets, sofas & some curtains

- very cost effective carpet cleaning powder with added rust inhibiting agents

-suitable to use with all hot and cold water extraction carpet cleaning machines

-the recommended dilution for this product is 1 to 375 but it can vary from job to job

-very low foam, very powerful cleaning action, medium Ph (10-12), affordable & durable

-eco friendly carpet cleaning powder suitable for commercial & domestic jobs



Craftex Regular Powder Review

The mere thought of the amount of gunk in your carpet is enough to gross you out. Dust from the air, shed hair, skin flakes, allergens like pollen, pet fur and dander, contaminants such as cigarette smoke particles and lead compounds from paint jobs and aerosols, food and drink spills, all through to dust mites and insect body fragments- they are all trapped within the carpet’s fibres. The visible soiling is just a fraction of the grime that lies within. The carpet is capable of holding up to 4 times its weight in dirt. It causes it to become dull and age faster. Food crumbs caked into the fibres are an invitation card to insects and pests like mice. You don’t want to walk into your office or hotel one morning to find a gaping hole in your carpet. The rodents have sharp claws and teeth that they use to pry out the food fragments. The health of the carpet itself, plus that of the people in the premises, is on the line. The grime is gritty, and wears down the carpet’s fibres, reducing its lifespan. Dust mites feed on the skin flakes, which people in your premises keep shedding, and they leave behind faecal matter that can cause skin irritation. The dust and loose particles get raised into the air and inhaled, triggering allergic reactions and exacerbating respiratory conditions like asthma attacks and bronchitis. Protect your carpet and the health of the people in your establishment using the Craftex Regular Powder.


Curtains add a touch of personality and elegance to a room. They also protect the interior space from heat, cold, dirt and direct sunlight. They build up plenty of soiling over time. Dust in the indoor airspace gets attached to the curtain, and contaminants from the outside are carried by wind onto its fibres. Those with thicker fabric and multiple curtain layers accumulate the soiling faster. Then there's the mould and mildew that love moist surfaces such as shower curtains. They cause stains and release spores, which trigger allergic reactions when inhaled. This is particularly harmful to children, the elderly, persons with existing respiratory conditions such as asthma, and also pregnant women. Fungal growing in the curtains also releases mycotoxins, which can cause organ damage and suppress a person’s immune system. Use the Craftex Regular Powder to eliminate the dirt and grime building up on our curtains and upholstery.


Benefits Of The Craftex Regular Powder

1. Heavy duty cleaning action

The coarse Craftex Regular Powder gives you superior cleaning action, to get rid of heavy soiling and set-in stains for commercial carpet cleaning. You can also bring this enhanced cleaning power into your home. It comes with alkaline cleaning action, with a pH of 10-12 depending on how much you dilute it. This enables it to neutralise and break down acidic soiling, from food and drink spills to body fluids that get into the fibres of the material. It saponified the oils and greasy residue, making them easy to extract from the carpets and curtains. The Craftex Regular Powder will get rid of it all- from food residue from last night’s dinner at home, lunch hour snacks at the office, spills from wine, coffee, tea and sodas, mustard spots, smudges from fruits that have been accidentally stepped on, dirt from shoes, chemicals like car exhaust, pesticides and insecticides that got attached to peoples clothes while they were outside, and got dropped onto the carpet because of gravity, all through to the dried on mud that your pet brought in from the yard, and the droppings from insets and pests visiting your carpet under the cover of darkness. The Craftex Regular Powder is a non-foaming product, giving it higher cleaning efficacy, and it leaves no residue in the fibres of your item. This prevents premature resoiling. 


2. Multipurpose

The Craftex Regular Powder is effective in cleaning carpets, upholstery, and most curtains. Its rust inhibiting properties protect the metal parts of your furnishings from corrosion. The Craftex Regular Powder comes with extra water softening agents, making it suitable for use in both hard and soft water areas. You can use it with all water extraction cleaning machines. The machines will force the Craftex Regular Powder cleaning solution deep into the carpet, where it will break down the gunk and loosen it from the fibres, making it easy to extract. Restore the beauty and sheen of your carpet, make your curtains gleam again, and bring back the relaxing and inviting feel on your upholstery. You’ll be able to come home to a fresh and comfortable ambience, and impress your customers and employees at your workplace. The enhanced hygiene levels will optimise living conditions at home, and increase the productivity of your employees in your business establishment.


3. Brightener

Your carpets, curtains, and upholstery will get clean and look good at the same time. In addition to eliminating the grime and stains dulling the items, the brightening properties of the Craftex Regular Powder leaves them with a sparkle. This restores the elegance to your items, thus sprucing up the décor of the interior space. 


4. Economical

A little of the Craftex Regular Powder goes a long way. It comes concentrated, giving you more cleaning power with every purchase. It has a high dilution ratio of 1:375 to 1:750, depending on the degree of soiling. Each product serves you for an extended period. It is also affordable, enabling you to make savings on your monthly cleaning costs.


How To Use The Craftex Regular Powder

1. Sprinkle into the solution tank. The amount you apply will be guided by the level of soiling. To prepare the cleaning solution, use 15ml- 30ml scoops of the Craftex Regular Powder per 10 litres of hot water.

2. Use the cleaning machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions. It usually entails application, scrubbing and extraction.

Tips For Using The Craftex Regular Powder

· To ascertain whether the Craftex Regular Powder is safe for your particular material, you can do a spot test on an inconspicuous spot. 

· Avoid direct contact with the skin. Your skin is pH-sensitive, and the Craftex Regular Powder has been formulated to tackle the toughest stains and stubborn grime. Prevent that powerful action from getting to your skin by using gloves.

· Ensure proper ventilation in the premises to quicken the drying process. You can simply open up the windows, or run your fans and air conditioning system.


Craftex Regular Powder - Professional carpet cleaning detergents for less!


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