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Soft Upholstery Brush 

  • Professional soft upholstery brush from Craftex

  • Made from heat & shock resistant plastic

  • Dense natural tampico fibre for gentle scrubbing

  • Ideal for agitating pre-spray agent on upholstery 

  • Recommended for soft and fancy upholstery fibre

  • 15.2 cm, red plastic handle, light and well priced

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning

Soft Upholstery Brush  - Where to use

A gentle but very long lasting plastic soft upholstery brush from Craftex. Suitable for agitating pre-spray treatments on carpets, sofas, upholstery and rugs. The scrubbing brush is hard enough to agitate and break dirt apart even from very sensitive surfaces without affecting the surface. It can also be used for any type of cleaning project where a bit of “soft” scrubbing is required. Durable, easy to use, affordable and very light. One of the handle edges is like a scraper and it can be used for removing chewing gum and all types of silicone/paint/glue from soft surfaces.

Soft Upholstery Brush - How to use

Pre-spray the upholstery with a treatment, allow about 5 min to soften up the dirt and then use the soft upholstery brush to scrub and agitate the dirt. The soft upholstery brush will fit into all the hard to reach areas and into sharp corners. The brush is about 15.2 cm and is manufactured from top quality natural tampico fibres. A professional scrubbing brush highly recommended for the sofa/upholstery cleaning industry.

Do not waste your money on cheap, low quality upholstery brushes. You want to be able to agitate the dirt without damaging the fibre and you want a proper tool to last for long periods of time. Order the new soft upholstery brush right now and achieve more with less effort. You can use the brush in hot water, with high PH chemicals and outside in the sun. The soft upholstery brush will not be affected at all.

Soft Upholstery Brush 

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