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-superb quality professional dry vacuum cleaner

-it is made from very light and durable materials 

-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning

-comes with 10 m electric cable & 8 l drum capacity

-fitted with quality wand & floor tool & cable storage

-one of the very few vacuumes that are "A" rated

-this product is well known for quality and durability


Ultimex Tube Vac Electric - Where to use

This vacuum was designed for heavy duty jobs. It comes with 10 meter power cable and 8 l drum capacity. This tiny vacuum comes with a very powerful 620 W motor. Its special wand was designed to reach in "all hard to reach areas". Suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning jobs. This superb vacuum cleaner fits with ease in all tight storage areas. It comes fitted with a special bag that contains all the tools required for the car valeting industry. It weights only 7.6 kg and it is highly popular with the office cleaning industry. Highly regarded vacuum cleaner.


Ultimex Tube Vac Electric - How to use

This professional vacuum cleaner can only be used for dry vacuuming. Not suitable for vacuumig ash from fireplaces. Not suitable for vacuuming soil. This vacuum is the ideal size for light commercial cleaning jobs and all types of domestic vacuuming jobs. One of the most cost effective vacuums out there that it is known to last for many years. 


Ultimex Tube Vac Electric - Recommendation

This little vacuum is the ideal product for any cleaning company. Long poer cable, light weight, supern suction and very durable. If you manage or clean an office with carpeted floor, this vacuum is perfect for you. It will provide the same results like any huge industrial vacuum without a lot of effrt.


Ultimex Tube Vac Electric - Outstanding quality for fair prices!


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