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-very powerful and very durable vacuum motor 1600W 2/S

-this motor is made by Craftex brand in Italy with EU standards

-it will  fit a wide range of wet vacs & extraction cleaning machines

-our vacuum motors are made from quality rust free materials

-much more powerful than the vacuum motors sold online


Vacuum Motor 1600W 2/S


Vacuum Motor 1600W  2/s - Where to use

This powerful extraction motor will fit many wet vacs and carpet cleaning machines. The only way to find out if Craftex Vacuum Motor 1600W 2/s will fit your machine, is to open the machine and do a visual inspection. Craftex Vacuum Motor 1600W 2/S  will fit bigger machines, where a lot of power is required. Wet vacs over 35L will usually be compatible with this powerful motor. Taski wet vacs, Craftex wet vacs, Santoemma carpet cleaners, Craftex carpet cleaners, etc, are compatible with this motor. All our motors are sold with Craftex warananty.


Vacuum Motor 1600W 2/S - How to use

The market is infested with cheap quality vacuum motors that will only last a few weeks before breaking down. We can guarantee you that our motors are EU made by Craftex. Craftex Vacuum Motor 1600W 2/S is a high quality product, made from very durable materials. The motor needs to sound healthy and it should make very little noises if is fitted right. The motor should not be left running empty for long periods of time. If the machine has lost the suction, the waste tank is probably full. Do not shake the machine when full and do not load the machine in a van with the waste tank full to avoid wetting the motor from road bumps.Once in a while, the motor needs to be changed. When the machine is making bad noises or the suction is not there anymore even if the waste tank is empty, you will need to change the motor. A cleaning company should be able to use one motor for at least 1 full year of usage.


Vacuum Motor 1000W 2/S - Try our extraction motors now and work faster and cheaper!

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