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 -solvent base product capable of removing glue from carpets & fabric

-it can be used as a spot remover for fake tan, oils, some paints, etc

-suitable for commercial and domestic use - no training required

-highly recommended for the commercial carpet cleaning industry

-it can be used safely even on very sensitive fibres and wool/silk


Craftex Acetone Glue Remover - Where to use

This high quality glue remover can be used for removing a wide range of glues from fabrics, carpets, clothes, wool, etc. It will act fast and it will not affect the colour of the area that got treated. Craftex Acetone Glue Remover was designed for removing glues from fibres. It will also remove glue from a number of other surfaces but please do a pre test before using it. Many people are using this professional glue remover to remove fake tan and nail polish from carpets and fibre. Other types of oil based stains can also be removed with the help of Craftex Acetone Glue Remover.


Craftex Acetone Glue Remover - How to use

Hoover up the area around the stain and apply the glue remover. You can apply it with a cloth or a sponge. Allow a few minutes to work and scrub it lightly with a semi hard brush. Few operations could be required to fully remove some glues. Do not over use it and alway do a test in a corner to confirm compatibility. Some silicone based glue might not be removed.


Craftex Acetone Glue Remover - Dilution

This is a ready to use carpet glue remover and no dilution is required. Do not mix up this powerful carpet glue remover with any other similar products. Do not mix it up with water because it will lose its qualities. Only treat small areas at once and work in well ventilated areas.


Keep this professional carpet glue remover away from kids and pets. Use a pair of gloves to avoid direct contact with your skin. Do not use it as a nail polish remover on your hands and do not use it around fire. Use your common sense.


Craftex Acetone Glue Remover - professional carpet glue remover for less!


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