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Craftex Antifoam Concentrated

  • High quality defoamer with a dilution ratio of 1 to 500

  • Compatible with all extraction system & all wet vacuums

  • The product has to be added diluted to the solution tank 

  • Reacts and reduces foam instantly

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial use and domestic use

  • Affordable, concentrated, highly efficient, PH 7, no perfume

  • Available in 5 L bottle, to add 1 cap per 100L of waste tank

  • Reduces the risk of motor burning and extractor stopping

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated - Where to use

Some cleaning products can produce little foam while others can produce a lot of foam. There are a number of reasons while cleaning products foam and there is a simple solution to sort it out. Craftex Antifoam Concentrated is a professional defoamer suitable for all industries. The product has to be added to the recovery tank before extracting waste. All the waste coming through a long hose could generate a lot of fine foam that could easily mislead the emergency stopper in all extraction systems. By adding Craftex Antifoam Concentrated the chances of high foam are reduced to 0. The foam stands no chance. Any type of fine foam will be transformed into liquid the moment it touches the recovery tank. Outstanding product. 

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated - How to use

Using this professional defoamer cannot be easier. Just add about 1 cap of Craftex Antifoam Concentrated to your waste tank before using it to extract dirt. That's it. From that point on, the foam will never form again. You need to add 1 cap of defoamer every time you empty the waste tank. Bear in mind that Craftex Antifoam Concentrated is a highly concentrated product with a dilution ratio of 1 to 100. A 5 litre bottle should contain enough defoamer to use it in over 500 full 100L waste tanks. Use it wisely to avoid waste.

After you have used Craftex Antifoam Concentrated you will never be able to use an extraction system without it. It makes so much sense. A low cost but highly effective antifoam concentrate from Craftex

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated

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