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-quality carpet cleaning machine suitable for domestic & commercial

-outstanding power & amazing durability for the size of the machine

-the machine splits in two parts to makes it easier to carry it around

-the ideal machine for cleaning carpets in trains, planes, boats, shops

-this machine has a new vacuum motor silencing system fitted

-it is sold with a high quality stainless steel wand and upholstery tool

-the ideal machine for medium to big carpet cleaning contractors

-30 Litres solution tank & 30 Litres waste tank. Weight : 22 Kg

-5 meters of hoses, 10 meters electrical cable & 3 jets carpet cleaning wand


Carpex 30:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine - Where To Use

This professional carpet cleaning machine is the ideal extraction system for the domestic and commercial carpet cleaning industry. Its outstanding extraction power, poerful pump and low noises level have made Carpex 30:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine one of the most popular extraction carpet cleaning machine in Ireland. It can be used to clean all types of domestic carpets, rugs, mattresses, upholstery, curtains, chairs, etc. It can clean up to 80 square meter of carpet per hour. Carpets cleaned with this amazing machine will fully dry in less than 2 hours. The 3 jet wand is the ideal tool for pre-spray. Similar carpet cleaning machines from other brands cost double. Carpex 30:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine can be split in two parts for easy carry. This machine is build from high quality materials.


Carpex 30:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine - How to use

This powerful injection & extraction carpet cleaning machine can be used with warm or hot water for better results. A special heather can be fitted to heat water instant. The machine can be used with all types of carpet cleaning shampoos and carpet cleaning powders. If you are planning to use a carpert cleaning powder, please mix the solution outside the solution tank. The powder can build up residue on hoses if is not diluted right. Pre-spray the whole carpet, allow 3-5 min to act, scrub well the carpet and extract the waste. Is that easy. This premium carpet cleaning machine is compact and fits with ease in all types of vans. A trully nice carpet cleaning machine. All parts can be changed with ease without the need of bring it to a specialist shop.


Carpex 30:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine


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